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The TeamsLink Webisode series covers everything our Partners need to know about TeamsLink. Each episode will explore different topics including developmental updates, product integrations, showcase demos and sales enablement guidance.  


This episode will be led by Head of Distribution and TeamsLink product expert Mike Korkidakis. Mike will welcome guest experts and solution architects to showcase complimentary platforms and the possibilities available to tailor bespoke TeamsLink packages for your customers. 


Watch below, or keep scrolling to meet the speakers and see the full agenda.

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Meet The Speakers



This session runs for approx. 90 minutes, you can ask any questions at the bottom of this page and your Account Manager or one of our team will get back to you. 

TeamsLink Live Demo


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15 mins, led by Mike Korkidakis


Comparison of TeamsLink vs Microsoft direct

The TeamsLink portal including call routes, smart agent selection, call queues and more

Agent and supervisor dashboards, and wallboards

Live PowerBI Reporting


power-bi-vector-logo copy


15 mins, led by Steve Busst


Delivery time of the API

Reports and enhanced features of the templates

What is being developed

Compliant Call Recording




10 mins, led by Adam Freeman


Sentiment analysis

Key features of Dubber including transcription and action tracker

WFM and Statistics

Full omni-channel contact centre




15 mins, led by Stuart Collins


Highlights of platform possibilities

Microsoft Teams integration

The connection between contact centres and the back office

Inbound Geographical Routing


W INBOUND blue-1


10 mins, led by Jon Harris


How geographical routing works

Integration with TeamsLink

Benefits and use cases

Hands free wearable headsets by RealWear




10 mins, led by Derrick Sawyer


What is it and how does it work?

The benefits and use cases

Live demo of basic functions and Microsoft Teams integration

Positioning TeamsLink in the market


TeamsLink logo


10 mins, led by Mike Korkidakis


Uniqueness of the platform

How it compares to other market leaders

Future developments

Q & A


Do you have any platform, integration or development questions? Drop us a message below. 

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