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Digital Britain is coming, become an early adopter and gain the edge against your competitors with Wavenet Wholesale


Prepare your customers for the full fibre future of digital Britain and establish your position as an early adopter alongside Wavenet Wholesale. FTTP and SoGEA present a great opportunity for our channel partners and will transform the way your customers' businesses operate. 
The PSTN Network will be permanently switched off in December 2025, with no new or additional ISDN lines or multi-line services installed from September 2023. In order to continue communicating and collaborating businesses must take action now to ensure they do not get left behind. This offers our channel partners a great deal of opportunity to support customers and prepare them for the full fibre future. However, there will be many competing resellers acting now. Adding SoGEA with Wavenet to your Partner portfolio will give you an edge as an early adopter, enabling you to establish your position, prepare your customers and reach new targets before your competitors. 
Your customers will also need to consider their UC and voice platform and make the move from their existing WLR before it is no longer supported. Wavenet Wholesale Partners have access to our broad product portfolio and as trusted experts you will be best placed to cross-sell TeamsLink and transform your customers communications. 



Connectivity Solutions to add to your Partner Portfolio

Prepare for the big switch-off

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Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is the new full fibre Internet solution that connects your customer's premise directly to the nearest Ethernet node. This means their business can benefit from speeds up to 1Gb, with fast installation, market-leading SLAs and a much more reliable connection.

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Single order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) is simpler than it sounds, it Is just a new solution that enables us to provide broadband without needing a phone line. Giving you the Internet connection you require within a single order and without a PSTN line.

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Full-Fibre Future Timeline

Key dates and information

It's now less than five years before the switch-off is completed. 2025 is the end date with some exchanges already switched off as Openreach begins its phased plan for completion.


We've detailed the key dates and information you need to be aware of in order to prepare for the full-fibre future.

Click to view the full, detailed and interactive timeline below.


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Download our Guide on how to

Prepare for the Full-Fibre Future

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Digital Britain is coming with the big switch off in 2025. This guide will equip you with the information you need to understand the PSTN switch off, what's happened so far, what's happening next and what you can to do prepare. 


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Compliment Your Full-Fibre Connectivity

With advanced direct routing for Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams direct routing, with a difference.


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Our hero product TeamsLink is a fully managed, cloud-based, telephony solution for Microsoft Teams, enabling partners and customers to work flexibly and collaboratively anywhere in the world on any compatible device. To differentiate from other providers, we offer the most featured-packed and advanced Teams solution on the market. TeamsLink is constantly being developed to ensure improved user experience, offering unique features and functionality, not available from Microsoft directly. Our focus is on the end-user, their experience of the platform and how it can work best for their business.


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Helpful articles and resources

to educate and guide you towards the full-fibre future

Want to know more about the full-fibre future from the Wavenet Thought Leaders?


WTL image logo_Browse articles and resources published by Wavenet Thought Leaders as they share their valuable insight, offer guidance and inspire innovation. 


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