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Equip them for remote working


Small businesses can’t afford to miss a call. WHC Express lets them make and take calls across multiple devices using the same business number; giving them the freedom to work from anywhere. It’s a simple way to move away from traditional phone lines – and all at a very competitive price for Wavenet Wholesale Partners. 

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*Source: Small Business Trends

Who is WHC Express for?


WHC Express is for businesses with fewer than 10 users who want phone services without collaboration tools, and have some employees who can work remotely part-time, or all of the time.


A recent survey* found 60% of customers prefer to deal with small businesses over the phone, rather than other channels. But, traditional phone lines are set to be replaced in just a few years. They’re not built for the demands of remote and flexible working either.


And that’s where WHC Express can help. Designed especially for small businesses, it offers the flexibility, simplicity and future proofing they need.

Customer benefits



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Future proofed

A phone service that is ready for the full-fibre future and 2025 switch off

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Availability even if the main office goes down

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One number per user

Make and take calls from anywhere, on mobiles or desk phones, with one DDI

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Intuitive portal

Keep existing numbers, or new geographic numbers not limited to the user's geographical area

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Easy management

Easy, online account management and configuration

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Device flexibility

Control via the mobile app as well as the online portal



My customers don't think it’s a priority right now

Your customers will need to upgrade to an internet phone service by 2025. The later they leave it, the more difficult it might be to get migrated. If there’s a big push in demand, they might experience delays too. Plus there are benefits to WHC Express that they can have today, so why miss out?

My customers don’t use remote or flexible working

Although WHC Express is ideal for remote and flexible working, your customers can also just use it with on-premise deskphones, if they want. But if they ever need to use the cloud features, they’ll be ready and waiting. For example, if your customer's business premises were ever inaccessible for some reason, they could still speak to their customers, staff and suppliers using the mobile app.

Customers don’t have the budget right now

As a digital service, WHC Express is more cost-effective in many ways. It also makes it easier for customers and suppliers to communicate directly with businesses. And it’s a necessity, due to the PSTN switch-off, so encourage them to think of it as an investment in the future of their business.


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