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When optimum call capacity is needed, SIP Trunks are the solution.


A true ISDN replacement, SIP Trunking future-proofs communication allowing your customers' businesses to get the most from their technology.

Having high call capacity of up to 100 calls per second means your customers can run efficiently and cost-effectively, enabling their businesses to be brilliant.

By looking at emerging tech, Wavenet Wholesale secure internet connectivity for today and tomorrow. Businesses achieve more with innovative technology that’ll never let them down.

With SIP Trunks from Wavenet Wholesale

you'll benefit from  



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Scalable to fit

Changing needs can always be catered to; whether scaling up or scaling down, SIP Trunks help businesses get there.

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Future proof technology

We know where technology is heading and have the awareness to judge the tools that will make a difference to businesses.


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Ultimate Capacity

With call-handling capacity of up to 10,000 channels and 100 calls per second, SIP Trunking is the best in voice telecommunication. 


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Control costs

With SIP Trunks, internal calls are free, keeping costs low but productivity high.


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Your technology partner

We’ll work with you to ensure you always have access to the latest, proven emerging technologies from leading suppliers.

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Rationalise multi-site connections

Multiple site business can operate with a reduced number of connections, minimising costs and maximising efficiency.


Superpowered SIP

at the cutting edge of technology


SIP trunking is a high performing, cost effective replacement for ISDN30. We can scale it to provide connectivity for everything from the smallest phone systems, right up to the largest PBXs serving tens of thousands of users. There’s no need for costly resource to manage infrastructure or systems. It’s all done for you.


Ideal for businesses

tick-02 Of all sizes, across market sectors

tick-02 Using high speed connectivity products

tick-02 Looking to utilise predictive diallers, contact centres and other calling patterns requiring super high throughput and performance

tick-02 Who want a better and more cost effective alternative to traditional services 


tick-02 No significant set up costs with no hidden charges

tick-02 No need to invest in R&D

tick-02 The software updates are included in the rental

tick-02 Pay as you grow pricing for predicable budgets

tick-02 Provided over BT's powerful, secure and highly resilient network

tick-02 BT make substantial investments in R&D every year, to ensure that their networks are always at the cutting edge of technology

SIP Trunk Licences


These licence packs have been designed to fit any requirements, from just a single IP Trunk connecting through a gateway or onto your own PBX. With advanced IP Trunks that allow you to overlay advanced solutions.


SIP Trunk Features

SIP Trunk


SIP Trunk


SIP Trunk

Mobile User

  Authentication tick-02 tick-02 tick-02
  Basic Call Logs   tick-02 tick-02
  Call Director     tick-02
  Call Forward - Always     tick-02
  Call Forward - Busy     tick-02
  Call Forward - No Answer     tick-02
  Call Forward - Not Reachable   tick-02 tick-02
  Call Waiting   tick-02 tick-02
  Calling Line ID Delivery - Blocking tick-02 tick-02 tick-02
  Calling Line ID Delivery - External tick-02 tick-02 tick-02
  Calling Line ID Delivery - Internal tick-02 tick-02 tick-02
  Calling Name Retrieval tick-02 tick-02 tick-02
  Client Call Control   tick-02 tick-02
  Intercept User   tick-02 tick-02
  Line Features tick-02 tick-02 tick-02
  Phone Services     tick-02
  Remote Services     tick-02
  Simultaneous Ringing Pers     tick-02


SIP Trunking Product Guide

Reliable, flexible and scalable voice services


An overview of the next generation SIP trunk range from Wavenet Wholesale, including benefits of partnering with Wavenet, enhanced SIP trunk features, and SIP trunk licence packs and features. 


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business case for sip cover

Ebook: The Business Case for SIP

Technical considerations every business needs to know


Over the past few decades, cultural and technological trends have dramatically transformed the workplace. Today, flexible working is a way of life. Employees now have greater control over their work-life balance than ever before, and employers understand that productivity is not conned to a desk. As such, adopting technology that enables a mobile workforce has become a business prerogative.


wholesale hub ctas_view and download




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