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Our real-time Service Desk gives you unrivalled access to all the leading solutions in Connectivity, Hosted Voice and Security. With just one, intuitive portal you can manage all aspects of business development and fulfilment.

We have known for a long time that our portal is our biggest advantage. Too often, businesses treat portals like an afterthought, reducing their value to a tool that cuts costs or lowers call centre volume. It quickly became apparent to us this is more than just a missed opportunity.

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Managed Portal

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Find the best price for your customer

Give a true comparison of the best and latest rates in the market

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Share technical information

Adapt to carrier diagnostics with increased efficiency

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Develop diverse and fit for purpose designs

Build the perfect solution design with a multiple carrier approach

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Enable enduring performance

Mix and match your solution for true resiliency

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Evolve your long-term relationships

Continuous measurement with the ability to evolve and up-sell

Our Service Desk is your Service Desk


With our in-house developers, we are invested in the user experience.

Wavenet Wholesale believes in working together to meet the growing needs of your business. We are continuously developing our real-time Service Desk with the skilled in-house developers to create a resource for your business roadmap.

We’d like to know if there is anything we can do to we optimise the service, usability and capabilities?

This is your chance to impact change.


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iStock-1179567323-2When your business model relies on it there is always a need for a person at the other end of the phone.


In the world of Telecoms, it can be hard to distinguish between companies because our offerings are so complex. Often, it’s not until you need to use our services — most notably, when you need urgent assistance — that you can make a valuable judgment.

Exceeding your expectations


Emerging opportunities can quickly become a new everyday expectation. We find ourselves integrating our customer's digital tools with our own so they can house their knowledge together and reduce the number of interfaces they have to navigate. Wavenet has opened up an API stack, which enables partners to interact with the back end of Service Desk and take the data and automatically place it into any system they see fit.

We get excited about the possibilities we have yet to dream up. Without a doubt, we are ready to grow and change with the needs and trends of the industry.

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