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Fast, reliable and private Internet connectivity is essential to your customers' operations.


Being offline is unacceptable - Wavenet Wholesale provide the solution. Offering unrivalled reliability and guaranteed speeds, Leased Lines are essential for businesses who rely on an internet connection.

By working with and testing emerging technology, we future-proof connectivity, enabling your customers to achieve more with innovative tech that’ll never let them down.

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With Leased Lines from Wavenet Wholesale

you'll benefit from 




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Stay connected
With 705 million people in Europe relying on internet connection your customers are no exception
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Future proof technology
We know where technology is heading and the awareness to judge the tools that will make a difference to businesses


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Be prepared for anything
Your customers can’t afford downtime. Leased Lines ensure no lagging, no disrupted connection, and no embarrassing faults
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Improve staff retention
Use increased connection to drive productivity and boost staff morale and job satisfaction


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Control costs
Don’t accept something substandard. Your customers pay for what their businesses deserve – high speed and reliable Internet
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Be supported 24/7
Enjoy high speed, low-latency Internet access, backed up by outstanding round-the-clock support

Help your customers future proof their business connectivity with a leased line


  Leased Lines Broadband

tick-02  A leased line can meet whatever Internet speed your customers require

Low bandwidth, with up to 24Mbps download and 1Mbps upload
Reliability tick-02  Highly stable and backed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA) Congestion and other factors can cause slow down and drop outs
Upload tick-02  A synchronous line gives you equal download and upload speeds Broadband lines aren't synchronous so uploading files takes much longer
Distance tick-02  As your Internet speeds are guaranteed, distance has no impact Business far from the exchange? Slower speeds for you




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