One service provider

for all your digital infrastructure needs.

Wavenet is a respected, award-winning provider of telecoms and technology with over 20 years' experience working with businesses across the UK to deliver high-quality, reliable voice and phone systems. 

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◼︎  Fixed Line Telephony

◼︎  Maintenance

◼︎  PBX Solutions

◼︎  Skype for Business

◼︎  SIP Trunks

◼︎  Wavenet Hosted Voice

◼︎  WHC Express

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◼︎  Smart Office Solutions

◼︎  TeamsLink

◼︎  TeamsLink Pro

◼︎  TeamsLink Call Recording

◼︎  Video Conferencing

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◼︎  Digital Transformation

◼︎  Fully Managed IT Support

◼︎  IT Security Services

◼︎  Remote IT Support

◼︎  Storage & Backup Solutions

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◼︎  AI Enabled Self-Service

◼︎  Contact Centre Solutions

◼︎  Omni Channel Support

◼︎  PCI-DSS Compliant Payments

◼︎  Puzzel

◼︎  Workforce Management

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◼︎  4G/5G Mobile Data Solutions

◼︎  Business Mobiles

◼︎  Internet of Things (IoT)

◼︎  Mobile Security Solutions

◼︎ RealWear 

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Advanced direct routing with a difference for Microsoft Teams. 


TeamsLink is packed full of additional platform features not available from Microsoft directly, with Pro features for Contact Centre functionality. Plus, a purpose-built portal for complete visual control over the management of users and call flows. 


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