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Run TeamsLink Meetings Like a Pro

Run Online Meetings Like a Pro

The before, during and after guide

It can be difficult to manage online meetings, from scheduling to following up, to sharing resources and inviting external customers. Wavenet’s TeamsLink platform helps automate the full meeting life cycle and saves you time so you can stay focused, feel empowered and be proactive in your approach.

In this e-book we give you 10 tips for before, during and after your meetings to help make them more productive and collaborative, whether you’re running one or just participating.


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Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams Buyers Guide 2020 by Verint for Wavenet Wholesale

Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

By Verint


The COVID-19 crisis may mean your business or customers are looking at Teams as a means to support uninterrupted communications and maintain business continuity. If compliance concerns are delaying your Microsoft Teams adoption, read on to find out what you should consider before choosing a recording solution. Let's dive in.


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business case for sip cover

The Business Case for SIP

Technical considerations every business needs to know


Over the past few decades, cultural and technological trends have dramatically transformed the workplace. Today, flexible working is a way of life. Employees now have greater control over their work-life balance than ever before, and employers understand that productivity is not conned to a desk. As such, adopting technology that enables a mobile workforce has become a business prerogative.


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