Wavenet’s main focus is to support our Channel Partners with feature-rich, bespoke solutions. This is exemplified in our Partnership with Chalkline. Chalkline has helped their customers to innovate and revolutionise communications with Wavenet Wholesale's hero product TeamsLink.


Wavenet Wholesale have nurtured, supported and equipped Chalkline with resources and knowledge to support their strategies and business priorities. We are part of their solution and with them at every stage of their customer journey.


Read their Partner Case Study below, or click the quick links.  


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About Chalkline




Chalkline is an IT managed service provider and a Microsoft cloud solution provider, delivering bespoke IT consultation and cloud computing services to businesses globally, with a special focus on SMBs. Chalkline proudly boast a customer-centric, solution-driven approach, providing the right platforms for their clients, enabling their clients’ businesses to work more efficiently, collaboratively and most importantly – giving their clients a platform to succeed and grow. 


Chalkline’s mission is to help their clients deploy the right tools for their business and reduce the complexity. Through expert IT consultation and innovative technology solutions from the Microsoft product stack, Chalkline’s clients are able to make the modern technology and secure platforms work for them, empowering them to communicate and collaborate better than ever before. 

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The Challenge



The team at Chalkline know the amount of effort and true expertise it takes to support clients and ensure they aren’t just sold to but equipped and supported with the right technology and solutions that enable their business to thrive, achieve business goals and fully enable employees to collaborate and communicate. Chalkline were looking for a like-minded UC partner with quality solutions and telephony expertise that complimented their existing Microsoft cloud product stack. 

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Chalkline partnered with VIA (now part of the Wavenet Group) in 2016 as our Skype for Business offering was ahead of curve and our fully managed, packaged solution with simple telephony bundles met Chalkline’s business goals and complimented their existing product portfolio. 


Chalkline are a people-centric company and their ethos matched that of VIA’s – good people build strong working relationships and enjoy doing it along the way. The partnership with Chalkline has always been that of a two-way street and is not focused solely on profit or cost saving as an immediate intention, but empowering their customers, providing a better platform and investing to enable employees to work, collaborate and communicate better. 


Chalkline have been true advocates of our UC solutions since 2016 – initially deploying Skype for Business internally and becoming platform experts whilst seeing lots of client success and deployments to the platform. As Wavenet launched TeamsLink, now an award-winning advanced direct routing platform for Microsoft Teams, Chalkline were at the forefront of our channel migrating to TeamsLink from Skype for Business. 


Chalkline uses TeamsLink internally for their own Microsoft Teams telephony for 25 users, all with Contact Centre functionality. This enables the team to fully utilise every feature and get to know the product inside and out. This level of knowledge allows the team to share in-depth platform intelligence and value to individual clients. Chalkline experts understand the needs of their clients and showcase custom insights in the TeamsLink platform that adds true value to their client’s business, allowing their clients to work smarter and ensuring TeamsLink work smart around individual clients’ needs. 


Chalkline is true TeamsLink advocates and provides valuable input and feedback to the team at Wavenet through beta tests and feature trials, from technical development suggestions to billing improvements. Due to their level of platform knowledge and advocacy the team at Chalkline work collaboratively alongside the team at Wavenet, providing solutions to modern problems and improving the user experience on the TeamsLink platform. 


Chalkline takes a solution-driven approach, ensuring their clients are equipped with the right products and platforms to suit their business and communication needs. Simplicity and clarity are key to everything they do and we are delighted to see so much collaborative success with TeamsLink for their clients. 

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Video Testimonial


Mike Korkidakis, Head of Distribution at Wavenet Wholesale talks to Harry Boyne and David Smetana, Co-founders and Managing Directors at Chalkline about the partnership, the TeamsLink solution and equipping customers with solutions to help heir business grow. 


Partner Case Study Chalkline Video Testimonial

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David Smetana



David Smetana"Chalkline believe in putting the right solution first, it’s not about providing a cost driven exercise but about ensuring everything we put in place is right for the client which is why we are very particular about the solutions we include in our portfolio and put forward for our clients. That’s testament for Wavenet really, and previously VIA, as we have been in partnership for many years now and will continue to work alongside Wavenet for many years to come. 

We know that our customers are in a safe pair of hands that we can trust with Wavenet, that’s important when building partnerships."


 - David Smetana, Co-founder and Managing Director at Chalkline

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Customer Success Story


pemberton logo white


Pemberton is an independent and ambitious asset management group focused on capturing the opportunities created by a changing European financing market. Pemberton operates in 8 European offices with a professional team of over 100 colleagues. 


Before working with Chalkline, Pemberton was in a comfort zone with their tech. They weren't pushing the boundaries or making technology work for them. Naturally, this held back their ambitions and business growth.


Chalkline modernised Pemberton’s technology to support remote working, increase employee productivity and provide business insights from their data. As Office 365 users Pemberton are now truly seeing the benefits of the cloud and are empowered by the technology. 


A part of the modernisation over 100 Pemberton colleagues now benefits from TeamsLink; Microsoft Teams telephony, improving their collaboration and communication. Pemberton's staff can now collaborate on work no matter where they are. The integration of voice comms, instant chat, and the ability to share files and work together were critical steps for Pemberton to navigate the impact of Covid-19.


Chalkline grew Pemberton's business efficiency and resilience with M365 and TeamsLink is just one element that has allowed Pemberton to step into the future and make their tech work for them. 



"We're very impressed with the work Chalkline has done. They have a structured way of working and work methodically. They are experts.'"

- Thomas Lack, COO, Pemberton

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Chalkline's Partner Journey with Wavenet Wholesale


Chalkline is an established Platinum partner of Wavenet Wholesale; their partner journey is well worth showcasing as it highlights the progression and growth of the partnership. From initial partnership in 2016 Chalkline have become true platform advocates of our UC solutions. This is an inspiring partner journey that Wavenet Wholesale are proud to share.


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What's next for Chalkline and Wavenet Wholesale?



Chalkline will continue to lead the way within the Wavenet Wholesale channel as platform advocates providing the right solutions for their customers’ business needs. Wavenet will continue to support and invest in Chalkline as a Platinum TeamsLink Partner, to achieve their business goals and growth with a collaborative and unified approach. 


As Wavenet’s in house development team continue to roadmap improved featured, bespoke functions and feature requests, Chalkline will continue to be at the forefront of beta testing and rollouts, providing ever-insightful and invaluable feedback. 

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"We know that our customers are in a safe pair of hands that we can trust with Wavenet, which’s important when building partnerships."
- Co-founder and Managing Director