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Wavenet Wholesale?

Wavenet Wholesale are leading the way in Telecoms aggregation. Simplifying the ability to procure multiple services from multiple suppliers via our real-time portal.We are constantly forging new and relevant relationships with key vendors, network providers and solution architects to ensure our Partners have the latest technology at their fingertips.

Partner with Wavenet and ensure you close every deal.

Power in Partnership

What ever your size or requirements, we have a partner model to suit you.


Partners of all shapes and sizes benefit from access Wavenet's extensive product portfolio, a dedicated Account Manager and the highest levels of customer service and support. 

Our flexible approach places our partners' competitive advantage as our primary focus, making Wavenet wholesale the number one choice for channel.


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Our dealer model is the ideal way for you to provide customer support without having to compromise your overheads and time. It is designed to allow you to concentrate on selling our aggregated products and services to build your share of the revenue by way of a commission.
We believe in reducing the hassle for our dealers by driving first-line support, billing your customers directly from Wavenet Wholesale and facilitating any installation.

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Create your own white label product and solutions across the Wavenet Wholesales aggregated suite. We provide low rates via our relationship with our providers, your business owns the contract, provides the support and billing.
Wholesalers are able to build their business utilising the flexibility and scalability of our comprehensive product portfolio and supplier aggregation. Our team will offer administration of your account including product training.

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Managed Reseller

We understand that many Partners prefer to own their contractual relationship with the customer. Resellers of Wavenet Wholesales aggregated products and services are usually slightly larger MSPs who have their own billing platform, the resource to manage the communications and desire to be completely white-labelled. Resellers benefit from being able to build their own business base without having to invest in the associated network infrastructure themselves.

We will provide our partners with comprehensive support including technical pre-sales, sales and marketing services, as well as white-labelled materials and resources.






Act as an intermediary between vendors and resellers in the distribution of Wavenet's portfolio.  Build your own Partner Program and network of resellers and utilise the entire Wavenet product portfolio. 


Receive expert marketing and sales support through outstanding Account Management and access to a plethora of materials to white label and equip your network of partners and resellers. 

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Give our friendly team a call, or send us a message ▶︎


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The Wholesale Hub

An online resource library to support your Sales and Marketing


The Wholesale Hub equips every Partner, Dealer, Reseller and Distributor with a plethora of relevant content, knowledge and skills to exceed customer expectations and help meet sales goals.


Empower your sales and marketing teams with the materials and resources to help you boost your sales and improve communications. Turn sales demos and product presentations into impactful and meaningful customer conversations.

Every partnership model with Wavenet

will benefit from



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Greater Choice

We partner with all major networks and provide a choice of vendor for both connectivity and voice.
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Secure Customers

Place your order with confidence at the touch of a button with our real-time portal.
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More Sales

Our portal ensures that you have all the information at your fingertips to advise your customers.
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Increase Profit

With our competitive pricing model and a commitment to pass on any reduction directly to your customers.
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Boost Conversion

We include the periphery services to ensure you capture all opportunities in the customers' tech environment.
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Success Together

Work with a partner passionate about helping you grow and succeed in today's crowded market.
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Service Desk

Compare prices and availability of all major carriers at the touch of a button. Our real-time Toolbox gives you unrivalled access to all the leading solutions in Connectivity, Hosted Voice and Security. With just one, intuitive portal you can manage all aspects of business development and fulfilment.


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Margin-Lead Partnership

Wavenet Wholesale Partners have unrivalled access to all the leading telecoms solutions on offer and their service teams have just one, intuitive portal to manage all aspects of business development and fulfilment. Our Partners are not only able to shop the market for the best rates but are also able to build out the best solutions for their customers based on availability, lead times and functionality.

A note from our

Director of Wholesale


quote-01  The conversation we have with Partners is why invest in your own network when we have invested and expanded our own for them to utilise.

We have gone into our Partners and consolidated their supply chain. A lot of businesses have become quite complex over the years as they use multiple suppliers, it burns time and effort to keep the offering relevant. From a management, customer service, provisioning and billing perspective that becomes quite difficult. Due to our large number of suppliers, we can port it across, consolidate it and give them a better price. We will also simplify the management of that base and then give them an exit in a few months or years. We can write those kinds of agreements.

We want Resellers to question who is getting the most out of their current partnerships, their business or their suppliers, if it is the latter then we urge you to contact us.  quote2-01

- Antony Black, Director of Wholesale



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