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What does it mean to be a Dealer+ Partner?


As a Dealer+ you will benefit from



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Education and Training

Product training through our weekly Training Forum and access to product experts and presales.

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Resources & Portals

Access to our Wholesale Hub with go-to-market resources and ServiceDesk for all quotes and orders. 

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Flexible Pricing

Transparent and flexible tariffs and pricing will enable you to set your own commissions.

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Future-Proof Tech

Equipped and connected with to the extensive Wavenet product portfolio, including TeamsLink.


As a Dealer+ you are part of Wavenet



Dealer+ Partners are truly part of the Wavenet ecosystem with full access to our extensive entire product portfolio.


Dealer+ partners have the freedom to bypass the bottlenecks and are empowered to close every deal, cut the red tape and have authority and autonomy on each and every opportunity.


Dealer+ Partners are powered by and backed by Wavenet. Underpinned by Wavenet support and Wavenet presales allows Dealer+ Partners to achieve more revenue and profit per customer.



As a Dealer+ you can focus on what matters




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Makes sales and equip your customers with solutions from the Wavenet portfolio 


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No customer is too small and no customer is too large. Wavenet’s portfolio will equip you with products suited for every size of business.


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Set customer sell prices and be in charge of your own commissions


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Retain ownership of your customers with lifetime commission for the duration of the customer lifecycle.


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Retain your brand with dual-branded billing and invoicing to your customers.


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Marketing campaigns and support providing access to an online library of resources to dual-brand and tailor to suit your customer base. 


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Backed by Wavenet Customer Service, Support and Provisioning Teams.


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Backed by Wavenet Terms and Conditions so you can maintain the highest level of consistent control over your customers. 


As a Dealer+ you can set your own commissions



Wavenet Wholesale empowers our Dealer+ Partners with transparent pricing and flexible tariffs that enable Partners to scale revenue and help them to reach sales and growth goals. 


Dealer+ Partner set their own commissions and margins, and with online contracts they operate with full independence and autonomy.

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As a Dealer+ you are invited to our weekly sales academy sessions



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The Wavenet Training Forum sessions are designed to help sales colleagues and Dealer+ partners improve their product knowledge. 


The weekly sessions will put you infront of product experts as they showcase solutions across the Wavenet product portfolio, giving you the opportunity to learn from the best and ask questions.


Dealer+ Partners will have direct access to the product experts and Pre-Sales support outside of the sessions to ensure you have all answers and insights at your fingertips.




As a Dealer+ you will have access to the Wholesale Hub



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The Wholesale Hub is our purpose-built online library to educate and equip you with the information and collateral ready for you to use in customer communications. 


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As a Dealer+ you will be able to quote, order and track at the touch of a button with ServiceDesk



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Built by us, for you. ServiceDesk removes all blockers or gaps in information for Dealer+ Partners, encouraging operational independence and faster, smoother turnaround for your customers. 


ServiceDesk allows you to compare real-time prices and availabilities of all major carriers, giving you unrivalled access to all the leading solutions in connectivity, hosted voice and security. 


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As a Dealer+ you have access to the full Wavenet product portfolio



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Networking & Connectivity


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IT, Technology & Security

  • Fully Managed IT Support

  • Remote IT Support

  • Digital Transformation

  • IT Security Services

  • Storage & Backup solutions


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Unified Comms & Voice


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Contact Centre

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TeamsLink & Collaboration


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Mobile Solutions & IoT

  • Mobile Handsets

  • Business Mobile SIMs

  • Mobile Security Solutions

  • 4G/5G Mobile Data Solutions

  • Internet of Things (IoT)




As a Dealer+ are connected



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