A Message from Antony Black, Director of Wholesale

Antony Black square headshot_


After over 20 years of experience in the ICT and telecoms industry, I feel privileged to be writing this message as Director of Wholesale.


2020 was a special year for Wavenet as we celebrated our 20th anniversary. We have spent the last 20+ years building our brand, growing our channel and diversifying our product portfolio. Wavenet Wholesale has now become synonymous with our commitment to helping our partners, sharing our expertise and inspiring innovation. We are proud to have a channel that shares these values, take a customer-first approach and is motivated by truly transforming customer communications and connectivity.


The team here at Wavenet, and I are extremely proud of the success and achievements of our partners, especially over the last year and would like to say a huge thank you and well done for not only continuing to support, sell-through and partner with Wavenet, but for well and truly over-achieving and going the extra mile. Congratulations on your success and growth during such an unpredictable time and uncertainty.


Wavenet Wholesale has welcomed many new partners to our channel throughout 2020 and 2021, most of which I am yet to meet in person. I am thrilled to have been virtually introduced and look forward to being able to network further. I encourage you to reach out with any comments, feedback, questions or, for a chat, to share expertise and network.


Looking ahead, Wavenet Wholesale is focused on continuing to support, equip and educate our partners whilst focused on executing and accelerating our growth strategy for the Wholesale and Distribution channels. Our focus is to successfully launch new products, services and disruptive technology that complements our existing portfolio, prepares partners and customers for the challenging and changing market and places our channel ahead of the competition.


The landscape in 2021 remains challenging with many organisations still fighting to survive or unable to operate. These challenges coupled with our disruptive and innovative solutions in our portfolio present a great opportunity for partners to diversify product portfolios, support customers, win new business and prioritise business growth.


By continuing to support our partners with resources, expertise and industry-leading products we are inviting change for organisations, employees and customers. I am truly excited about the Wavenet Wholesale journey and believe the best is yet to come, for us and our channel.



Get in touch 


I encourage you to reach out with any questions, comments and feedback. Or, introduce yourself and have a chat, share expertise and network. You Account Managers and I are here to support you at every step of our partnership, with full transparency and communication.  Reach me by email at Antony.Black@wavenetuk.com