The ability to work remotely or from home as become the norm for many and businesses have been looking for a solution that can integrate fully with existing systems and enable staff to work and call, where and when they are most productive.


Collaboration software, Like Microsoft Teams, has also become the go-to applications for simple content creation and internal correspondence. Through Microsoft’s integration of calling into the Teams application, businesses may now only require one application for their entire workflow, including calling, no matter where staff are working from.


Wavenet’s TeamsLink service enables voice calling from within Microsoft’s Teams application, providing the most cost-effective calling solution available. By bundling unlimited calls into a simple per-user pricing structure, businesses can replace existing PBX system and save significant amounts on calls, whilst TeamsLink also optimises your bandwidth to ensure voice quality and includes monitoring tools for call traffic.

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TeamsLink bridges the gap between external voice and the

Microsoft Teams client to create the Ultimate Collaboration Platform

Wavenet simplifies the transition to Microsoft Teams with the introduction of TeamsLink


40% of new Enterprise telephony purchases are expected to be cloud-based by 2023.  



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Save money

on both domestic and international calling

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Number Provisioning

available in

127 countries

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local, national and mobile

minutes as standard

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Better Collaboration

and workflows with

Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams Calling, powered by Wavenet

Wavenet's TeamsLink service enables secure external calling from within your Microsoft Teams client. Now your teams can collaborate, create and call, all from within one application for a streamlined workflow and better productivity. What's more, with Wavenet's simple per-user pricing including unlimited minutes to local, national and mobile numbers, budgeting becomes far simpler too.



One application, one team, one solution.

Transforming telephony for Digital Britain 2.0

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Antony Black
Sales Director
"The conversation we have with Partners is why invest i your own network when we have invested and expanded our own for the to utilise.

We have gone into our Partners and consolidated their supply chain. A lot of businesses have become quite complex over the years as they use multiple suppliers, it burns time and effort to keep the offering relevant. From a management, customer service, provisioning and billing perspective that becomes quite difficult. Due to our large number of suppliers we can port it across, consolidate it and give them a better price. We will also simplify the management of that base and then give them an exit in a few months or years. We can write those kind of agreements.

We want Resellers to question who is getting the most out of their current partnerships, their business or their suppliers, if it is the latter then we urge you to contact us."
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