Bandwidth demands increase as businesses grow and leverage services like O365, Salesforce, MS Teams and other Cloud UC solutions to facilitate collaboration. Issues arise when applications are backhauled to a Headquarters’ hub and centralised internet breakout becomes a bottleneck. QoS is affected, calls may drop and video conferencing unusable, as data is unable to traverse the network in a timely manner. Some businesses seek to prevent this by introducing a second hub to load-balance traffic, however, this is a costly solution as it not only involves expensive hardware that is only used as the network gets congested, but also requires unnecessary infrastructure & connectivity and does not deliver a positive return on investment.


Wavenet’s SD-WAN service provides a solution to these challenges by utilising Silver Peak software to determine the most effective way to steer applications. Through Centralised Orchestration and Zero-Touch Provisioning as well as self-learning algorithms; network administration is dramatically simplified, while latency is reduced, end-user Quality of Experience is protected and TCO WAN costs can be reduced by up to 90%. By simplifying the network and enabling it to self-drive maximises productivity for both end-users and resellers alike.

An Award-Winning SD-WAN Formula


Wavenet is thrilled to be awarded the Enterprise ICT Solution of the Year for our SD-WAN solution in partnership with Silver Peak.


Increased bandwidth capacity

and network availability


Leverage existing

network investments


Improved application



Reduce total

WAN costs

CB Awards 2019


Silver Peak powered SD-WAN services

Wavenet’s Silver Peak’s SD-WAN services revolutionise network management by steering application traffic dynamically across the most appropriate path, based on business intent. As organisations continue to leverage the cloud, IT professionals are concluding that traditional WAN’s are not sufficiently agile or performant to support their cloud services.

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Antony Black
Sales Director

“Our Partners are empowered to chop and change suppliers on an individual circuit or site level if the service being provided is not up to standard. This will force our suppliers to keep standards high and break up the dominance of leading providers, paving the way for mid-market suppliers to make their mark.


We can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of the WANs by simplifying management and provisioning while enabling the intelligent use of cost-effective network transports, for example, traditional broadband or 4G/5G, delivering localised Internet break-out while maintaining security and enhancing application performance.


Wavenet is excited to pioneer our Silver Peak powered SD-WAN services; as the UK’s first Silver Peak service provider, we can offer exclusive benefits that will ensure our Partners can leverage flexibility and productivity that cloud-based services offer, all whilst saving money.”

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