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Sales Director

"We have been working hard to ensure we are aggregating all the core networks in our portal. Almost all of the major networks are represented with a further big-name network to be added very soon so watch this space.


Our portal is able to provide all relevant details for a potential connectivity order at the touch of a button and it is programmed to pass on our cost savings immediately to our Partners.


Our Connectivity Collection is something we are very proud of and one in which we are seeing Partners benefit from on a daily basis and we work with all size businesses. Ultimately customers are now questioning the investment required in developing, running and maintaining their own network.


With Wavenet Wholesale it is possible to have the best bits of network ownership alongside the operational and cost-efficiencies of reselling."

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MPLS Networks


Ethernet Broadband in most circumstances is considerably cheaper than fibre leased lines, and so provides small business with cost-effective mission-critical connectivity. Ethernet Broadband is also the preferred replacement for SDSL technology which is soon to be retired.

MPLS Networks


EFM or Copper Ethernet is the leased-line replacement service that brings superior-performance internet connectivity. It serves as a cost effective alternative to businesses that require assurances and SLAs for applications demanding consistent real-time speeds and performance.

MPLS Networks


Ethernet over FTTC offers all the benefits of dedicated fibre connectivity with high speeds and business-class SLAs, but with lower setup costs and monthly fees. This is the most cost-effective leased line option available.

MPLS Networks


With Gfast your broadband speed could be up to seven times faster than the UK average. is one of the latest ultrafast broadband technologies that can deliver over 100Mb/s (megabits per second) over very short twisted copper lines.
MPLS Networks


While both ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ and ‘Fibre to the Premises’ promise high speeds, FTTP’s complete fibre optic connection allows for much higher speeds than FTTC. They are both faster than conventional ADSL but availability is location specific.
MPLS Networks


ADSL2 is an enhancement to the original ADSL technology and can provide higher speeds, particularly for those that live close to the BT exchange. The broadband service of choice in the absence of fibre broadband (superfast) services.
MPLS Networks


A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that allows enterprises to leverage any combination of transport services – including MPLS, LTE and broadband internet services – to securely connect users to applications.

ISP in a Box


Why switch ISP when you can become an ISP?


We get it! Why would you switch your connectivity provider just to save a few pounds? Wavenet go the extra mile, consolidate your connections and take back control of your broadband service by becoming a Virtual ISP.




Take control of your network and lose the headache of running it


Retain commercial and operational autonomy and become a Virtual ISP. Fully managed migration makes the switch easy so you can focus on your growth rather than just managing your asset.




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Real-Time Toolbox

Compare prices and availability of all
major carriers at the touch of a button.

Our real-time Toolbox gives you unrivalled access to all the leading solutions in Connectivity, Hosted Voice and Security.
With just one, intuitive portal you can manage all aspects of business development and fulfilment.

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Pioneering possibilities for our Partners


We are extremely proud partner with Sky‘s Business Communications division to offer Sky Ethernet.

“Wavenet’s growth plans and ambition make it an ideal partner. We are looking forward to doing some great business together.” Nick Powell, Sales Director for Sky’s Business

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