Top Tips for using Microsoft Teams 





Tip 1: Set up a channel for your team


Once you've created a team, you'll want to add channels. Select More options ... next to a team name, then select Add channel.



Tip 2: Collaborate on files with Teams


Attach a file to any message by selecting Attach below where you write your message. Once you send the file it'll automatically appear in the Files tab above the channel or message so anyone can get to it.




Tip 3: Meet now in Teams


On the left side of Teams, select Calendar. At the top of the screen, select Meet now, and then select Join now. Type names or phone numbers of the people you want to add to your meeting. To share your screen, select the Share button in the meeting controls.




Tip 4: Pin your important contacts


Pin channels you work with most often and they'll appear at the top of your list under Pinned for quick access. Select More options ... to the right of the channel name, then select Pin.




Tip 5: Keyboard shortcuts make Teams more accessible


Use a keyboard instead of a mouse? Teams has a shortcut for you. In the Teams app, press Ctrl + . to display a list of available keyboard shortcuts.




Tip 6: Streamline access with custom tabs


Create custom tabs to give your teammates easy access to the files, tools, and sites they use every day. Select + next to the tabs at the top of your chat or channel to add a new one. It'll be visible to all your teammates instantly.




Tip 7: It's all about meme


Add GIFs to inject some personality into your conversations. Select the GIF button under the box where you type your message and search for the one you want. Select Send when ready.




Tip 8: Have a question about Teams?


In the bottom left corner of Teams is where you'll find Help. Select Help > Topics, then browse featured topics, or search for something you need. You can also check out the Training tab for short how-to videos to get up to speed on Teams.




Tip 9: Always be in the know with notifications


Notifications keep you current with what's happening in your teams. There are two places where you can manage your notifications. First, you can select your picture at the top right of Teams, choose Options > Notifications. Or, control them at the channel level. Select More options ... > Channel notifications next to the channel.




Tip 10: Take your Teams with you


The Teams mobile app helps you connect and collaborate wherever you are. The app is available on iOS and Android. Chat with colleagues, join meetings on the go, and access all of your teams, channels, files, and more.




Tip 11: stay in the loop with activity


Activity is where you can see all your notifications—from @mentions to replies to conversations you started—in one place. You specify what shows up in Activity via your notifications settings (see previous tip). Find Activity at the top left of Teams.




Tip 12: Get their attention with @mentions


In a channel, on the the Posts tab, type a message in the box. To get a team member’s attention, type @ and then start typing their name. The message will be flagged for them.




Tip 13: Turn a chat into a video call


From your chat, select Video call to start the video call. When connected, select Share to share your screen.




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