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Has your Network Asset become a Liability?

Has running your own network become inefficient and costly to manage? With Wavenet Wholesale's ISP in a Box service, you can move the management of your network away and focus on growing your business.

Since the dawn of the Internet revolution, telecoms providers have rushed to own a piece of the pie by running their own network assets.


For the time, this was the right decision but as technology has developed, the responsibilities and risks of owning a network have started to outweigh the benefits.


Blog Icons 1 Blue-10Ignoring CAPEX


Even ignoring the capital expenditure required to create a robust network in the first place, maintaining the hardware alone could be prohibitive in itself. With the constant advances in technology, performing upgrades each time a new generation of connectivity is released can negate the margins gained from the service itself, clouding the total cost of ownership.


Blog Icons 1 Pink-49Staffing Costs


Not to mention the costs related to staff! Firstly, finding the highly trained and experienced admins that can manage the network and enticing them with a salary that keeps them is challenging enough. The time spent on training staff to use the various portals and UXs of multiple carriers is inefficient and wasteful too.


Blog Icons 1 Blue-55When Things Go Wrong


Then what about when things go wrong? The responsibility for a network lies with the ISP so, if your customers are finding faults in the network, there’s no one other than your own staff to look to for a solution. Customer service teams and engineers are other major costs for ISPs that may not be as necessary as once thought, if the network was outsourced rather than maintained in-house.


Blog Icons 1 Pink-58Complexity


The complexity of running and billing a network is another headache that providers should really consider the necessity of. Whether working out prices or a route to market, the time spent planning and calculating costs is considerable on its own, without the added risk of human errors creating

more problems that then require more time to put right.


Blog Icons 1 Blue-37Is 24/7 Connectivity Essential?


Consider your business’ opening hours, or those of your clients; do they need 24/7 connectivity - will employees be logging on late at night? Probably not. Your network will have a high enough bandwidth to handle usage jumps at peak-times, but for the other 16 hours of the day, your connection isn’t being used to its potential and therefore isn’t maximising your investment.


Blog Icons 1 Pink-23Floorspace


How much floorspace do your servers and associated hardware take up? With businesses feeling the strain of the rising office space cost per square foot, maximising the space you have can benefits across the business as a whole.


What could that area be used for instead of servers? A new quiet room for productive staff or a break room or conferencing space, perhaps? So, if running your own network has so many draw backs, what’s the solution? Instead of being a physical ISP, become a virtual ISP! vISPs have a level of flexibility and simplicity that will reduce both staffing and running costs, free up time for your staff and leadership team as well as simplify your operations.


Why Wavenet Wholesale?


Wavenet Wholesale are leading the way in Telecoms aggregation. Simplifying the ability to procure multiple services from multiple suppliers via our real-time portal.


We are constantly forging new and relevant relationships with key vendors, network providers and solution architects to ensure our Partners have the latest technology at their fingertips.


Partner with Wavenet Wholesale and ensure you close every deal.


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