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Executive Presence on Video Calls

Top Tips from Microsoft to help you present and executive appearance during a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Top Tips from Microsoft to help you and your customers present an executive appearance during your Teams video calls. 



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remote work icons blue-08Camera at eye level

If you’re working at a dining or coffee table, chances are your camera is filming upwards, which isn’t the most flattering look. Use books to elevate your laptop so that people see a more straight-on perspective of you. An elevated camera also prevents you from slouching over your laptop.


remote work icons blue-14Lighting is key

The best light is natural light. Position yourself so that you’re facing a window, and it will enhance your look. If the sun is directly on your face, close the blinds halfway to get the glow of natural light without the harshness. Never place a window or light source directly behind you.


remote work icons blue-12Crisp and clear audio

Breakups in your audio can damage the perception of your professionalism. Test your connection beforehand and if it’s not stable, consider using the dial-in option on your phone for audio, while capturing video from your laptop.


remote work icons blue-15Declutter your background

The best background is something natural and clean, like a wall. If you can’t find one, use the background blur or customer background capability on your video conferencing tool. Never wear clothing that blends in with the background, like a white shirt on a white wall.


remote work icons blue-16Assign a note-taker

Assigning a note-taker during the meeting may feel like you’re treating it like a board meeting, but it certainly shows the audience that you mean business.


remote work icons blue-17Perfect your eye contact

You want to be looking into the camera when you are speaking and at the face of others when it’s their turn. Resist the urge to look at yourself in the smaller frame in the corner of the screen.


remote work icons blue-18Don't get too close to the camera

If you’re too close to the camera, your face and head can be oddly distorted. Placing yourself a bit further away allows people to see your entire upper body, including hand gestures, and naturally makes you project your voice more.



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