Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid: which cloud is best for you?

Posted by Elliot Dacosta on 25 May, 2017

Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid: which cloud is best for you?

Are you considering the benefits and risks of a cloud- or premises-based solution, looking at the fundamental requirements for each system, or how to measure ROI? Here's some guidance on the information available to you, evaluating what your business needs are, and analysing what solution is best for you.

Solar recognises there is not a "one size fits all" communications solution. To help you understand what's best for you, consider the decision tree below to gauge a better understanding if cloud is best for your business. You might be surprised to learn that an on-premises solution or a hybrid solution best suits your company.

Don't let your communications system hold you back. In a world where competitive differentiation matters, your communications system needs to work with you, not against you.

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