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What is Mitel OAI?

By : Jess Jepson / 20 May, 2016 /

OAI stands for Open Architecture Interface and is the API (application programming interface) for MiVoice Office 250.

Besides being built on an open source operating system, MiVoice Office also supports something called Open Architecture Interface or OAI for short

  • OAI enables the system to exchange information with almost any external software application your customer may wish to use. Some of the more common ones are noted, but as the name indicates its an Open interface offering endless possibilities.
  • The integration can take different forms, click to dial from within an application, screen pop account information based on the caller, even as low-tech as enabling you to create simple keystroke macros.
  • There are also quite a few Eco-System partners providing all sorts of added applications and/or services to provide customised solutions for your customers. Examples include:
  • Check out the Mitel Solutions Alliance Link to see some of the alliance partners or to get more information on how you can gain access to OAI developer tools.

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