What is Direct Paging on an IP Phone?

Posted by Jess Jepson on 05 April, 2016

On Mitel IP phones, you can broadcast a message to the speaker on another person's phone. This is called a Direct Page.

Depending on the way the recipient's phone is set up, the Direct Page may be played aloud irrespective of whether they're already in a phone call. This setting can be toggled on and off.

This Mitel phone guide is for MiVoice Business (also known as Mitel 3300 ICP) users only.

How to Page Another User

To page a user from your Mitel IP Phone:

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Press the Direct Paging feature key, OR the appropriate feature access code
  3. Dial the destination number
  4. Wait for the tone
  5. Announce your message

What is Handsfree Answerback?

When you Direct Page a user, Handsfree Answerback will automatically connect you to them, so you effectively establish a two-way conversation after the Direct Page is heard.

Enabling and disabling Handsfree Answerback is a quick and simple procedure.

  • When you are not using your phone, press MUTE. The key light will flash to tell you thatHandsfree Answerback is on.
  • To turn off, press MUTE again. The light stops flashing.


If Handsfree Answerback is switched off, the method for answering the Direct Page will vary, as follows:

  • If you phone is idle, and Mute is Off, before the call arrives, you will notice that Mute becomes lit (solid). Lift the handset or press the Mute key to turn Mute off and answer the Page
  • If you are already on a call, and Mute is Off, you will see Mute flashing on your display. When you press Mute, you will be able to talk to the person who sent the Page, and your call will be automatically muted. Press Mute again to switch back to the call and mute the Direct Paged call
  • If you are on a muted call when the Page comes in, or your handsfree mode is already active, the Page will not work. The person paging you will hear a busy tone

To end a Direct Page call, hang up the handset, press SPEAKER, or press CANCEL.


What is Off-Hook Voice Announce?

If the receipient's phone has Off-Hook Voice Announce switched on, the paged message will be played on their telephone's loudspeaker, even if they are already in the middle of a call.

Off-Hook Voice Announce works regardless of whether the user has lifted the handset, or is using a hands-free headset.