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Product Bulletin: Mitel to release MiVoice Business Express Release 7.0 in Jan 2016

Great news! Mitel have announced the release of their new MiVoice Business Express version, R7.0! Available in January you'll get all the new features and improved interface that MiCollab 7.0 got ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 16 December, 2015 /

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Setting up your Mitel Voice Mail for the first time

Use this user guide if you are using a Mitel phone on the MiVoice Business telephone system in conjunction with MiCollab/NuPoint Messenger voice mail system.
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By : Jess Jepson / 08 November, 2015 /

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MiCollab Client Installation and User Guide

This guide covers the installation and basic operation of the Mitel MiCollab Client version 6.0. It is intended as a companion to the Mitel MiCollab Client Quick Reference Guide.
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By : Paul Wilson / 15 June, 2015 /

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