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Gigabit Britain: The Road to Full-Fibre supplement

Next-generation connectivity deployments are underway across the UK, with FTTC transitioning to FTTP and 5G marching on 4G. 

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Driving diversity and inclusion with a ground up approach

The focus on diversity and inclusion is becoming more widespread across the channel and prime movers continue to create...

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Hosted and cloud-based telephony

Traditionally there have always been some standard fears surrounding hosted and cloud-based telephony solutions. 

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Diversity breeds success but more commitment is required

The lack of diversity in employment is another issue that could slow economic healing post-pandemic. With plenty of ICT jobs...

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The Divergence of UC and CC

Are Unified Communications and Contact Centre Converging? It’s the kind of thing analysts and pundits love to talk about....

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Fortune favours the brave in fibre but proceed with caution

In July edit of Comms Dealer they asked if the full-fibre rollout presents an opportunity for resellers to transform into...

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By Anh Hoang On July 12, 2021


Adoption of SD-WAN is on the rise, with projects spanning the UK. Comms Business examined what opportunities remain for...

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How to maximise your IT investment through simplicity

You've no doubt heard the phrase 'keep it simple' countless times.

Well, the saying rings true for your IT, too.

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IaaS: Why it's important now and for the future

Firstly what is IaaS?


IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service and is the move from dedicated hardware located on-site,...

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Microsoft Teams and 'The New Normal'

Telecoms and ICT as an industry are going through a period of incredible uncertainty and undergoing a tremendous phase of...

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