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Fortune favours the brave in fibre but proceed with caution

By Mike Korkidakis


About the Author

Mike Korkidakis

Head of Distribution at Wavenet Wholesale. Mike has many years of experience spanning multiple countries in the communications arena. He has a proven track record of strategically implementing the best solutions to meet complex business requirements. Mike's recent years have been spent focusing on the Microsoft product set and in particular Microsoft telephony. He has a vast knowledge of all things UCaaS and uses this to tailor the right approach to every partner and customer interaction.


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In July edit of Comms Dealer they asked if the full-fibre rollout presents an opportunity for resellers to transform into end-to-end providers of telecommunication services. Alongside fellow industry experts Mike Korkidakis, Head of Distribution, discusses the road from reseller to carrier, the challenges and possible return on investment.

There is still time for resellers to get involved in fibre. The UK has still only achieved 8% full fibre penetration against the Government’s pledge to reach all homes and business premises by 2025. Directors of 5G Communications had this is mind when they spun off a fibre unit, PCL Fibre, to capitalise on the planned fibre rollout.


The big question is - is the destination worth the turbulent flight it may take to get there? Mike Korkiadkis, Head of Distribution at Wavenet discussed his view with fellow industry thought leaders as they discussed if the full-fibre rollout presents an opportunity for resellers to transform into en-to-end providers of telecommunication services, or if resellers would be better off as a guiding partner between business and larger incumbents. 


Mike Korkidakis-1"A plethora of statistics are available about the full-fibre rollout and its positive impact on the economy. The rollout brings with it an abundance of benefits, and with the combination of connectivity and cloud computing, resellers - especially the ones operating their own networks, can easily move into the end-to-end telecommunication space.


Bringing with them their experience of large networking projects opens up the ability to introduce end-to-end communication services for resellers, with the additional benefits of network monitoring as part of their offering resulting in seamless end-to-end stability.


The greater freedom the rollout gives will open a whole new opportunity for resellers to offer competitive, future-proof solutions. The quality of services, stability and reputation already offered by carrier providers will make this the next logical transition for resellers."



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