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How can resellers safeguard customers against increasingly sophisticated threats

By John Denny


About the Author

John Denny

Partner Account Manager at Wavenet Wholesale. John is one of the team’s longest-serving members and has built lasting relationships with key partners within the channel. This is a testament to his exemplary knowledge of the plethora of Voice and Data products and services that Wavenet within the expanding portfolio.


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In Comms Dealer November 21 issue, industry leaders discuss turning cyber threats into opportunities. 


The ever-evolving technology landscape creates gateways for the cyber-threat landscape and opportunities for attackers, the channel and their customers. 

A recent study from TextAnywhere, cited in Comms Dealer investigated the screen habits of 1000 employees in the UK. With the increase of people working from home, over 67% of employees are or have used their mobiles for work, posing a significant threat to business security. 

Resellers have a responsibility and the means to make customers aware of the emerging technologies that create risks to businesses. Partner Manager, John Denny shares his thoughts on how resellers can safeguard customers against increasingly sophisticated threats and retain their position as a trusted and dependable business partner. 


"Our industry has always been one with an ever-changing landscape, and with this comes not only a great opportunity but also a great threat. As new technology creates new avenues for customers to be compromised by those that would seek to cripple businesses for their financial gain.


We have a duty as Channel providers to stay on the pulse of these evolving threats, something that must be taken seriously. Delivering timely solutions that are proven to work, by partnering with the right solution providers, is the only way to ensure customers remain consistently protected.


There is a responsibility therefore to vet these providers properly, not only from a technological perspective but from a cultural one too. Only those with the customer at heart will deliver, and continue to deliver products and services that will protect customers for years to come, regardless of location: supporting hybrid, remote and office-based workers."


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