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Addressing the Skill Gap, an HR Perspective

By David Gisborne


About the Author

David Gisborne

Head of HR at Wavenet. 

With nearly two decades of experience David is responsible for shaping the culture and people practices within Wavenet.


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In February's issue of Comms Dealer magazine contributors discussed the question: 'Is the skills issue improving or worsening?'


Compared to pre-pandemic numbers, employee numbers on payroll is growing with the job market recovering post-Covid. Vacancies are at record levels due to skills shortages, with unfilled roles in the UK currently sitting well over 1 million. 


David Gisborne, Head of HR at Wavenet shares his thoughts on whether the skills issue is worsening or improving.


"The IT and telecoms industry, by its very nature, is fast-moving. New technologies are quick to appear and advancing the skills of employees is key to keeping ahead of the exponential technology curve. We focus on preventing a skill gap before one appears.


Wavenet is committed to providing opportunities for the next generation whilst also ensuring that we do not experience a gap in skills for our longer-term colleagues. We have invested heavily in a new graduate programme that launched in 2021 and have also taken on apprenticeships for many years.


By investing in internal training at all levels, but particularly at a grassroots level, we can ensure that skills are not only present but are nurtured naturally and grow over time. This way, as people become more experienced in their roles, they are in turn able to, and encouraged to pass this knowledge on to others."



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