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Sales and Marketing work together to score more goals

By Antony Black


About the Author

Antony Black

Director of Wholesale at Wavenet. Antony's comprehensive skillset and high-level expertise place him at the forefront of channel industry leaders, with over 20 years of experience in telecoms and sales. Antony leads the way within channel, ensuring Wavenet Wholesale partners are equipped with market-leading solutions, competitive prices and a team of highly knowledgable Account Managers.


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Sales and Marketing are typically two distinctive departments with two very different approaches, although aiming for the same end goal they can too often end up working in silos. 

Marketing is strategy and lead generation, whilst Sales implementing that strategy. It's vital that the gap between the two teams is minimal so that their collaborative approach supports up-selling and cross-selling opportunities as well as new business development. 

Ultimately each team can make the other's life easier and ensure that missions and targets are aligned. Director of Wholesale, Antony Black shares his thoughts and reflects on how Wavenet Wholesale achieve this. 


"Harmonising and bringing two distinctive teams, such as Sales and Marketing, and the respective approaches together can come with challenges. Wavenet Wholesale takes a holistic approach that results in dynamic and adaptable processes and people. We do this through:


  • Emotions – both sales and marketing colleagues have each other’s back, they have built great professional relationships, and recognise and celebrate each other’s successes and achievements.
  • Processes – clear, repeatable processes ensure that everyone understands expectations and the impact their actions have on the wider team.
  • Communication – a continual feedback loop provides both teams with information on what is performing well and what needs to be improved. First-hand knowledge from Sales compliments Marketing’s evidential data that outlines what content and information are responded to.


We mirror this approach with partners, ensuring we support, educate and equip them, ultimately working as a collective towards the same goal."



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