There Is Light Behind The Cloud

Posted by Darren Collett on 27 February, 2018

Every Cloud Has a Solar Lining

As you may have seen, Mitel has announced the End-of-Life (EOL) for V14.2 which is understandable given that the technology is now over a decade old, however it also could act as the catalyst for making a huge improvement to your business.

The logical progression from Mitel V14.2 in terms of operating system is “Mitel Connect”, which offers the flexible delivery options – either cloud, hybrid or on-premise. That being said, as the market is steam rolling towards cloud adoption, this could be the opportunity you need to make the transition and start reaping the benefits instantaneously. Whilst you may enjoy your current phone system, there are several key advantages to Cloud migration, for example:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – A hosted Cloud based telephony platform typically provides complete continuity of service by default, enabling all users to remain connected and able to make and receive calls regardless of their location. This can be utilised using physical handsets, softphones, Browsers or 3G/4G Handsets. This flexibility can be used as Business as Usual (BAU), or in times of BC+DR allowing complete mobility and flexibility of operation.

  • Operating System and Upgrade – Current servers, especially physical servers can over time become outdated in terms of Operating System and tin specification. A move to the Cloud provides the ideal opportunity to upgrade these Servers to an up to date Operating System and also increase their specification to meet latest demands, where Cloud based systems become scalable and cost effective.
  • Scalability – Quickly increase the size of your telephony platform in a matter of days/hours as opposed to weeks. Allowing rapid deployment and recovery of solutions quickly as and when needed.
  • Cost – Cloud solutions can be delivered on a cost per user/month basis, often affording significant cost saving and allowing the ability to up/down scale license and hardware with ease, and in a controlled manner. This solution equally reduces what can sometimes be significant CAPEX costs and allows a far better operational financial control layer to any business.
  • Upgrading – In many situations, clones of systems can be made which allows systems to be patched, updated and tested during office hours with out disruption. Once a system has been validated, a time can be arranged to conduct the update, using the cloned version, which means that implementing this already tested update reduces the time from days to minutes.

If you are running Mitel V14.2 or any older iterations of this operating system, now is the time to talk to Solar about upgrading. We can advise you on your upgrade path options and discuss your hardware requirements and impact of 14.2 going EOL.

A move to Cloud in the majority of cases provides the best balance of performance, enhancements and cost effectiveness when exploring your unified communications future. Solar can advise and assist you with this and many other types of migration projects, clearly articulating and demonstrating the benefits, advantages and cost savings of such a move. Equally, we can support a ‘Hybrid’ or ‘On Premise’ Solution with consummate ease should Cloud be just not the right time for your business.

If you are currently on 14.2 and would like to learn more about Connect or discuss your upgrade path options, speak to your account manager or drop us an email at

If you still have questions around cloud, why not check out this simple infographic which can help you ascertain whether your business is ready to move to the cloud via a series of succinct questions;

Should You Move Your Business Comms CTA