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The Most Important Thing For Your Business Is….

By : Elliot Dacosta / 18 December, 2017 /

Security of course.

Given the rise in the number of ransomware attacks over the course of 2017, security and mitigation from attacks is something that has become more prevalent than ever. If you weren’t concerned about the security of your business, you most definitely should be now and to help you in this battle for security we are now offering a FREE audit of your businesses security capabilities!

Through conversations with customers across the all aspects of business we heard time and time again the word security. Well you spoke, and we listened which is why last month we put on an event at the Eithad stadium entitled “Knock, Knock – Who’s there? Hackers” to bring you the most up to date information about ransomware. Together, with a number of industry experts, we heard about the state of the IT landscape, the tactics hackers are using to compromise systems and then somethings you can do to beat them.

If you are the person responsible for maintaining your company’s IT, the most integral tool at your disposal is knowledge. With hackers improving and devising new ways to compromise your business, it is vital that you remain one step ahead and understand the security landscape and where your business stacks up. Often protection against ransomware is one of those things people put to the back of their mind with the attitude of “it will never happen to me” until it is too late, for example Bad Rabbit and Uber.

So to help aid you in your battle against ransomware we have put together a number of articles over the last couple of weeks for example:

What is ransomware?

5 handy tips to protect against ransomware

What to look for when it comes to ransomware

Whilst these tips and guides are helpful and form a good foundation for you, we have gone one step further and are currently offering a brand new service to our customers. This will include an audit of your business looking at your current security capability as well as a 30 minute consultation with a technical expert to help take you through the results. This will help you understand your business, isolate areas of weakness and reduce your vulnerability. What’s even better is the fact this is completely free!

Going beyond the call” is a value that guides everything we do as a business, therefore listening to customers and adding value to their business is something we look to do wherever we can.

To ensure that all of our customers have the opportunity to understand what is such an important aspect of their business, we will be offering this security audit for free…consider it an early Christmas present from us!

To learn more and to find out how you can receive the audit, just hit the link below:


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