Telecom Consultant UK, Looking for help?

Posted by Jess Jepson on 26 February, 2015

Denwa are a UK telecom consultant that offers advice on all aspects of telecommunications equipment and services to companies. We are headquartered in the North West of England with service centres in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Denwa are one of the UK’s most well established telecom consultant companies providing independent telecoms consultancy.

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We have industry expertise in cost reduction analysis, telecom contract negotiation, telephone system selection, tendering and offer BT line rentals and call charges at the lowest rates available.

We can advise you on the implementation of IP VPN’s and VoIP and have a vast experience with deploying IP telephony solutions within businesses and call centres.

Whatever telecom advice you need, whether you are an international company, multi site organisation or small single office Denwa has the knowledge and experience to be of assistance. We back all our advice with full documentation and details proposals to ensure you get value for money.

Client benefits – Telecom Consultancy

When you employ our services we will analyse your business needs and challenges thoroughly. Your ultimate aim is to get your product or service to market in a more cost effective manner and more efficiently than your competitors. Our job at Denwa is to provide you with a competitive advantage via our effective and efficient telecoms solutions.

Increase Profits with our Telecoms Consultants

We offer a full telecoms cost reduction service. Whether you need recovery of funds by identifying billing errors which we are finding more and more costly to companies or simply call charges and line rental price analysis.

Save Time with our Telecoms Experts

We ensure that at every step of the way you can concentrate on your core business while we provide the telecoms consultancy expertise. Our telecoms consultants stay on top of new developments and emerging technologies at all times.

Improve Efficiency at every hurdle

Our telecoms experts and consultants will help you maximize the use of your existing business telephone systems and advise you on new technologies to assist you in achieving your business goals.

We will also recommend costs savings and efficiency action points to help improve your staff performance on the telephone. If you are a call centre then employing our call centre consultants to understand your inbound and outbound call traffic is a must. We often save you thousands of pounds!

Peace of mind Telecoms

An essential part of our telecoms consultancy service is to help you become more confident with your decision making. A simple bad judgement call can cost your business thousands of pounds and many headaches, therefore we have constructed our program of telecom and call centre consultancy to maximise your confidence when buying new telecom products.

Ongoing Telecom Advice and Support

Throughout our telecoms consultant service we ensure you have the help and advice to hand whenever you need us. After the initial program we make ourselves readily available in case you need ad hoc advice. Our telecoms advice is personal and we are always easily contactable.

Telecom Consultancy service

As an independent supplier of many leading brands and services we are able to offer you unbiased advice on all aspects of the service.

Many companies have employed our telecom consultancy service / call centre consultant service and we are happy to introduce you to them for references, testimonials and even old fashion business networking.

To summarise our services;

  • Telephone Bill Audits and price checking – includes business call charges, BT line rental charges and savings analysis
  • Phone System equipment procurement – which telephone system fits your business sthe most? Are you buying on features, price or simplicity
  • Multi Site Voice Network Design – If you have multiple offices we will design the most resilient voice network based around your budget and business continuity plan
  • Phone System Disaster Recovery – Worried about telephone downtime? We have designed some of the most resilient telephone systems and call centres in the UK. We have a wealth of knowledge offering phone systems solutions with full redundancy
  • Home working solutions – if you are thinking about the benefits and drawbacks of home working allow us to help you appreciate the financial advantages and disadvantages of such technology.
  • VoIP Trunk lines versus ISDN – Are you struggling to understand the differences? Don’t believe all the telecom sale reps say, speak to us for honest and unbiased advice.
  • Telephone System Peripherals– At Phone Systems we are skilled with many add on products for telephone systems including call recording equipment, call logging software, Interactive voice response, call centre applications and skills based routing.