Optimising the Cloud with a Virtual WANop Appliance

Posted by Jason Evans on 17 January, 2012

Enterprise cloud deployments are growing in popularity, but the wide area network (WAN) is often overlooked as more applications and data are moved into the cloud. Unlike hardware-based WAN optimisation, Virtual WAN optimisation makes it easy to optimise application and data access between enterprise data centres, the cloud, and branch offices.

Silver Peak’s VX appliances (Virtual WAN Optimisation Solution) are software versions of the company’s award winning NX physical appliances. It supports Silver Peak’s complete spectrum of real-time optimisation techniques, which optimise Wide Area Network performance by overcoming common bandwidth, latency and network quality challenges.

Silver Peak’s VX appliances leverage all the benefits of server virtualisation, including:

Ease of deployment / mobility

  •  Instantly deploy Silver Peak’s WAN optimization technology anywhere in the world; easily re-locate appliances as needed

Reduced IT costs

  • Consolidate different applications onto common hardware platforms

High availability

  • Leverage existing high availability tools inherent in virtual solutions (e.g. VMware / VMotion)

Flexible platform options

  • Deploy WAN optimisation on any hardware platform of choice, including industry standard x86 servers or other custom platforms.


This video shows how Silver Peak’s virtual WAN optimisation can quickly and easily be deployed to optimise Verizon’s Terremark cloud.

Silver Peak Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture and virtual WAN optimization enables and optimizes cloud deployments.

For more information on Silver Peak’s VX appliances speak to Response Data Communications Team

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