High-speed connections built for Voice.


Single order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) is simpler than it sounds, it Is just a new solution that enables us to provide broadband without needing a phone line. Giving you the Internet connection you require within a single order and without a PSTN line.


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With Openreach switching off the PSTN network by the end of 2025, PSTN exchanges across the UK are already being switched off in preparation for the move to full-fibre.


SoGEA enables your business to have a broadband or ethernet connection agnostic of the PSTN network, future-proofing your business connectivity. SoGEA is also faster to install and more reliable than legacy FTTC and ADSL as it does not require a separate telephone line.


SoGEA is similar to today’s broadband in that its maximum download speed is 80 Mbps, if you need higher bandwidths for your business, we’d suggest you look at FTTP or a dedicated Leased Line which can offer speeds of up to 1 Gbps and even higher.



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SoGEA is the next generation of pure data connectivity, removing all traditional voice services from the line. 


Why choose SoGEA for your business?


FTTP has wide-reaching benefits for businesses of all sizes


tick-01  High speed: SoGEA offers speeds similar to FTTP, providing high-speed reliable connections. Designed specifically to be used alongside a Hosted Phone System, SoGEA is a flexible and robust business solution.


tick-01  Built for business: With the looming PSTN switch off in 2025, providers are embracing the advances in technology this allows consumers to purchase just a single connection, ultimately providing more scalable, agile and cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.


tick-01  Flexible and agile: SoGEA enables your business to have a broadband or ethernet connection agnostic of the PSTN network, future-proofing your business connectivity. With only one line, managing your business needs is simple. One line means one provider and one phone call to make changes. 


tick-01  Faster installation: We aim to get you up and running on SoGEA within 10 days, allowing you to take advantage of the faster, more reliable connectivity quicker than ever before.


tick-01  Cost Savings: SoGEA provides cost and time savings. SoGEA is cheaper than the combined costs of a phone line and traditional Internet package. It is also around 30% cheaper than FTTC. Designed to be used in conjunction with a Hosted Phone System, pairing the reliable connectivity provided by SoGEA with an inexpensive cloud-based hosted solution means you benefit from huge savings


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Before SoGEA


You had to order a separate PSTN line 

Followed by another order for our ADSL or FTTC

We’d then install ethernet components


After SoGEA


With no need for a PSTN line, that’s one order you don’t have to make

Simply make one single order for SoGEA and we’ll do the rest

If you want to add IP voice services too, let us know and we’ll set you up



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direct case study graphics-10Why SoGEA? 


SOGEA provides faster, more reliable connectivity than Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) broadband, meaning users can do more online, without worrying about buffering. With a single order connectivity product, you’ll not only benefit from the speeds and reliability your business depends upon, but you’ll also be able to equip your business for the future.



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direct case study graphics-06Why Choose Wavenet as your SoGEA Provider?


As an ISP, we have over two decades of experience in networking and connectivity for businesses, with more than 100 highly trained and UK-based engineers and long-standing partnerships with all the tier one connectivity suppliers. We are passionate about providing your business the very best solution that meets and often exceeds your needs and work with you to understand your business before suggesting the right solution.


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