How to setup the MiCollab Softphone for mobiles and tablets

Posted by Jess Jepson on 11 February, 2015

One of the biggest features of MiCollab Mobile is being able to use it on your iPhone, iPad and android device, having the ability to share the same phone number across multiple devices makes it easier for potential clients and customers to get in touch with you.

Whatever device you are using you will need to go to the respective app store (Google Play or iTunes) and download the 'Mitel MiCollab Client' app:

Once installed open up the app (this process is very generic across different platforms) and you will be prompted to enter your MiCollab Mobile credentials which will be within your welcome email when MiCollab Client was first setup. If you can't find the login details speak to your administrator or maintenance provider. You will need the following details to login:

  • MiCollab Client Service host name
  • Login ID
  • Password

Once these details have been entered press 'Test Connection' which will verify your details, if the test is unsuccessful double check the login credentials and if they are correct you will need to consult your service provider. If the test was successful you will be prompted to press 'Finish'. This will then bring up the End User License Agreement (standard process) which you will need to read and then 'Accept', the app will then update which can take several minutes so hang tight.

Now that you have gone through this process you are ready to use the app (you won't start receiving calls just yet), you will need to enable the softphone first. To do this press the settings icon which looks like two small cogs, then press 'Configure Softphone'.

There will be several fields on screen which should already be pre-filled with:

  • Number: this will display either the softphone extension number or you will need to choose a number if you were given more than one device
  • Password: this is programmed o the phone system by your administrator this includes an empty or blank password
  • Used on multiple devices: by default this option will be switch off but you can change it to on if you are planning on using this softphone number on multiple devices

There are other various options that you can look through at your leisure but those stated above are important to getting the softphone working

Testing your MiCollab Softphone

To test your softphone to make sure you can make and receive calls press the call button (green icon with a phone handset inside), this will bring up a keypad where you can dial a phone number. It is advised that you test the softphone by dialling an internal extension number first before any other number, once you have entered the extension number press call. If both of the devices support video calls you can upgrade to a video call to test that on the same call.

If both devices have 2 way audio then the test is complete and everything is working as it should, you will now need to test incoming calls to make sure received call audio is working as it should.

Once you have completed your testing you are ready to start making and receiving calls through the app. You can also change the settings on MiCollab through the web portal allowing you forward all your calls to the softphone.

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