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Digital Strategy: Empowering Multi Academy Trusts Through a Robust Digital Strategy

As Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) continue to expand and evolve, the need for a cohesive and ...

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Give your customers exactly what they’re looking for, with CyberGuard from Wavenet Wholesale

With one in three UK businesses and one in four UK charities reporting a cyber breach or attack in ...

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How cybersecurity solutions are shaping the future of secure social homes

The housing sector may not be the most obvious target of cyber criminality, but 25% of housing ...

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Housing Associations’ IT networks: How SASE is helping security and networking converge

In this blog post we explore how SASE helps Housing Associations and Local Government Associations ...

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1 in 5 businesses unaware of the benefits of Cyber Essentials accreditation

A worrying number of UK businesses still are not aware of the benefits of the Government-backed ...

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From IVR centric contact centres to ’Digital First’ engagement centres

Many of you have started on a company’s website and when in need of support been forced to call ...

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Part 4: Improve your Agent Experience to transform your contact centre

Welcome to the final blog in our series on Agent Experience (AX). By now you should have a good ...

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Part 3: How to create the Agent Experience your customer experience needs

So far we’ve looked at why Agent Experience (AX) is key to delivering impressive, connected ...

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How can resellers safeguard customers against sophisticated threats

In Comms Dealer November 21 issue, industry leaders discuss turning cyber threats into ...

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