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Research Finds Phone Signal An Increasingly Key Factor In Home Buying Decisions

By : Jess Jepson / 16 December, 2015 /

Now more than ever, communications permeates every aspect of our lives – from work to home to social – and more and more people feel they can’t manage without being constantly connected to everyone around them. Living in today’s world of globalised communication, being out of the loop can quickly and easily put us at an active disadvantage, and our phones are more instrumental in our lives than ever before. Therefore it’s hardly surprising that an increasing number of homeowners have said that the quality of phone signal factors more into their decision than the quality of nearby schools.

A recent survey by research company RootMetrics indicates that a third of those looking to buy would be deterred by a poor mobile signal. Of 2135 adults questioned, 34% stated that mobile signal is more important than the quality of local schools, as opposed to only 23% who focused on the latter. A significantly high number of respondents (83%) have experienced poor signal at home while just over half (54%) have had difficulties with their mobile internet.

The importance of the latter is not to be underestimated: with rapidly soaring levels of mobile internet usage in recent years, businesses have been forced to reorient themselves for a new age of mobile browsing. In this respect our phones are becoming just as important to us as our computers or televisions – we’re now achieving new ways of interaction with not only our friends, families and colleagues, but also our communities, our favourite shops and our local supermarkets. This goes some way to explaining why ⅔ of respondents have considered switching their mobile provider simply so that they are able to use their phone at home, and 30% of current homeowners said they’d have been put off buying if they’d known of the signal problems of their current property.

As a response, the market is seeing a rise in the number of sellers who are promoting the good signal of their property alongside more traditionally important aspects such as its local utilities and broadband speeds. While 51% of sellers highlight broadband speed at their home, 41% now say that they also promote a good mobile signal as an equally key selling point.

In time, it’s unlikely for this demand to decrease, and the consequently the housing market will have to continue to adapt. For their part, it’s prudent for buyers to remember to check the quality of mobile signal in their prospective purchases in order to avoid disappointment later on.

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