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Proudly Introducing; SoHo

By : Elliot Dacosta / 08 March, 2018 /

SoHo: The solution that brings your business into the future, without the hassle or stress

Cloud is the future of communications, there is no doubt about that...

Customers are becoming more and more demanding, staff expect to be more flexible and sales opportunities can spring up anytime, anywhere. Whilst this is an exciting time for business it is also increasingly a time where IT departments are expected to do more with less ith limited time and resources. Whilst this isn't an issue for large, enterprise businesses who have significant resources to draw upon, it is stunting the growth of smaller businesses who are torn between maintenance and growth. The increasingly heavy burden placed on IT departments is a key reason business are realising the benefits cloud can bring to their business, however the key to ensuring a successful cloud deployment in your business is making sure the solution is the right fit for you – it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Welcome SoHo

You need a cloud solution that meets your businesses needs, not one that is rigid and forces you to change how you operate just to utilize it - after all, it should be the technology doing the work, not you. We understand this which is why we are proud to introduce you to Solar Hosted (or SoHo as we like to call it) the perfect solution for small and medium businesses looking to migrate to the cloud.

This brand new solution is the perfect addition to our far-reaching portfolio and offers a great cloud solution to our Smaller and mid-sized customers. SoHo's goal is simple, to create a communications platform for those businesses who don't have large pools of resources but have dreams of growing within their field. SoHo is simply packaged, has a simple to use interface and is focused on performance and requires little time to maintain and monitor, ultimately freeing up time to allow you to focus on other things, such as running your business and keeping customers happy. Due to Soho's focus on cost and performance, it offers the perfect solution for those businesses who seek flexibility but also see the importance of a dynamic solution when it comes to their customers.

Get the benefits of cloud, without the hefty time and financial investment.

The adoption of Cloud is an almost foregone conclusion as we move away from questioning "if" businesses are going to migrate to the Cloud, instead, questioning "when" are they going to migrate. We feel that with this latest addition, we are in the best position ever to meet your businesses communication needs and we are confident that we will deliver fantastic value to your business.

This latest announcement is another key milestone in Solar’s, now 30-year long journey as we transition away from our PBX roots into a key player in the unified communication solution market. Last year saw notable growth in the business, particularly due to the acquisitions of TWL and Fairford communications as well as the introduction of our first, in-house development – Solar Seamless Connect

Furthermore, with our continued commitment to high levels of service quality, seen through our achievement of 4 ISO accreditations, 27001, 20000, 9001 and 14001, demonstrating the value we place in ensuring their customers come first.

If you would like to learn more about SoHo, or indeed any of our unified communication solutions, drop us an email: and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Many people don't realise the cost savings they can make with the cloud, that is until you show them that there are in fact a number of hidden costs in a traditional on-prem system, download this infographic to learn more;

The Hidden Costs Of On-Prem CTA

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