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The Full-Fibre Future Timeline

You'll have no doubt been aware of the impending PSTN switch off for a good couple of years by now. In fact, it's now less than five years before the switch-off is completed. 2025 is the end date with some exchanges already switched off as Openreach begins its phased plan for completion.

And if you're not sure what the switch-off is, or what it means for you then we're here to help. Remember 2025 is the end date and now is the perfect time to start assessing your business needs and planning your migration.

We've detailed the key dates and information you need to be aware of in order to prepare for the full-fibre future. 

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What can you do now?

Time is still on your side to prepare for the Full-fibre future

Start talking to suppliers to understand installation timings and costs, this will help you plan your migration and ensure minimal disruption.

Assessing your telecoms is important to maintain a connection between your business, employees and customers. It's never too early to switch.

VoIP is implemented over your internet connection, it’s easy to set up, highly scalable and offers a greater degree of flexibility and agility to your workforce.

SIP has simple management, increased reliability, clear visibility of your voice spend and great for businesses looking to move their communications to the cloud. 

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Prepare for the Full-Fibre Future


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Let us help you prepare for the full-fibre future



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Embrace the new technology and take advantage of the scalability and agility of FTTP and SoGEA from Wavenet. Your business could benefit from speeds up to 1Gb, with fast installation, market-leading SLAs and a much more reliable connection.


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Prepare your customers for the full-fibre future of digital Britain and establish your position as an early adopter alongside Wavenet Wholesale. FTTP and SoGEA present a great opportunity for our channel partners and will transform the way your customers' businesses operate. 



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