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Welcome To The Family

As you will probably be aware by now, Telecoms With Logic (TWL) are the most recent addition to the Solar family and with their integration they further enhance our capabilities as a company, ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 26 January, 2018 /

Start As We Mean To Go On...

2018 is our year. We have no doubt about it. Our number one priority is always the customer. This is the reason why we invest a lot of time and effort into 3 areas; our product set, our ability to ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 25 January, 2018 /

Solar Communications Are Now A Microsoft Silver Partner

We are pleased to announce that Solar have recently achieved Microsoft Silver Partner status in the Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency! This status is awarded to companies that sell O365 ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 23 January, 2018 /


We are proud to announce that Restless Development will be the official 2018 charity partner of Solar Communications! Solar Communications (based in Cardiff, Chippenham, Harlow & Manchester) will ...
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By : Abbie Taft / 19 January, 2018 /

Meltdown and Spectre, practical advice and system patches

Meltdown and Spectre are two words that rocked the cyber security industry recently, gaining lots of media coverage with the news that modern processors have some pretty serious security ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 09 January, 2018 /

Telecoms Fraud Pt.2: Hung Out to Dry

The impact of fraud can be lasting and cause your business severe damage which costs you both time and money, but it doesn’t have to. There are some simple measures you can take in order to help you ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 19 December, 2017 /

Telecoms Fraud Pt.1: Don't Get Left Hanging

Continuing with our recent theme around ransomware, we wanted to take a moment to offer some advice on a subject we know rather well, telecoms. Fraud is prevalent across all technology and hackers ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 19 December, 2017 /

The Most Important Thing For Your Business Is….

Security of course. Given the rise in the number of ransomware attacks over the course of 2017, security and mitigation from attacks is something that has become more prevalent than ever. If you ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 18 December, 2017 /

And That’s A Wrap! Time To Exit Stage Left

As this year draws to a close, so too did our final event of 2017 so we just wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to all of those who have been able to join us over the course of the year ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 18 December, 2017 /

It’s not all fun and games…Well sometimes it is!

Breaking out ahead of Christmas! As you may be aware, here at Solar we like to reward our people for their hardwork whilst also trying to foster a good team culture together. By running company ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 05 December, 2017 /

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