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TeamsLink empowers organisations and their teams to do more, collaborate more and provide their customers with more. 


In a hybrid working world, TeamsLink bridges the gap between remote and in-person seamlessly, powering your colleagues to work together anytime, anywhere.

We're proud of the organisations we work alongside and the success our solutions help them achieve.


Turner Pope

turner pope

An ageing IP telephony solution was causing considerable frustrations for the team at TPI, limited functionality managing calls effectively was becoming problematic.




Plowman Craven

plowman craven

With Skype for Business set to retire, Plowman Craven found themselves in the position of needing a new platform to bring all their communication into one place.




BHP Chartered Accountants


When the global pandemic hit, BHP's clients needed their services and expertise more than ever and the lack of flexibility and agility with their incumbent system meant they need a solution fast.




Kidney Research UK



Kidney Research UK had previously been using an on-premise Mitel system. Whilst this allowed them to handle calls and take donations, as the charity required, the capabilities were limited. This became apparent very quickly when the pandemic hit and the charity had to make the rapid transition to remote working. The legacy system did not allow them to function away from the office and the charity were challenged with finding a remote working solution that could not only fulfil their business needs, but that could also be deployed rapidly.




TeamsLink Testimonials

“Wavenet is easy to work with, understand our requirements and meeting our regulatory obligations - the team have been great, especially for the migration projects. Since migrating in 2020 I think there has been 1 issue (which was an external party) and the services have been otherwise flawless.” - Rik Carter, IT Manager, Turner Pope Investments Ltd

"Working with Wavenet is straightforward and personable. The engineers are approachable and efficient and get back to individuals seeking help quickly. The work Wavenet put in at the start of the COVID pandemic lockdown to get all staff working comfortably at home was spectacular." - Debbie Barker, Office Manager, FHP

I would recommend Wavenet, they have helped us achieve our goals and I have no hesitation in calling on them for future projects, with past experience showing their professionalism and attention to detail." - Jason Aley, Corporate IT Manager, Trustonic

"We were expecting great things from Wavenet and they did not disappoint. The team were very good, both in terms of commercials and also getting the migration done." - Henry Clear, Head of IT, Plowman Craven

"TeamsLink allows us to collaborate through one application including messaging, calling, meetings, file sharing and existing third-party applications. It's easier to use, easier to manage and maintain and gives greater business insights at the same time. This improves productivity across the business, and that productivity drives efficiency and growth." - Del Huskie, Senior System Administrator, TW Metals

"This was one of the smoothest projects I have ever been involved in, as major users of Microsoft Teams we identified that adding TeamsLink for external calling was the natural way to go to provide calling functions while staff were working remotely. From start to finish the project was very well managed and delivered on time with zero downtime. " - Andrew Hibberd, Head of IT, BHP

"From start to finish, this project was one of the smoothest I've managed. The Wavenet team were outstanding. With a polished plan ready to go, the step by step process was painless and quick. I am genuinely impressed with this product and the team who deliver it. The service from our account manager, and the provisioning expert, was outstanding." - Chris Holden, IT Manager, Kidney Research UK

"From the off, the whole project implementation was very smooth. From an initial call, we were able to identify that Teams was the right move for us and the increase in functionality for our staff would be a big increase on current systems. Martin then followed up with all the required licensing and deployment credentials to ensure that we moved to Teams swiftly with 0 business downtime. The project was delivered earlier than we had planned (as per our request) was exceptional and we are very pleased with the service." - Matt Lewis, Director, BSL

“Wavenet has managed to retain the local feel and that was important to us, the service we get from the TeamsLink support desk is fast, friendly and efficient. We don’t feel like a small number in a huge corporation. Here is to many years of collaboration!” Tony Parkins, IT Manager - Watsons Property

BSL Information Technology


Previously using Skype for Business, BSL was experiencing many end-user issues from missed calls to frustrating problems like not being able to mute calls on the app. With Skype for Business retirement date on the horizon, it was evident that BSL needed a robust and agile solution that would continue to grow alongside them.






Trustonics incumbent system and ISDN solution were quickly becoming outdated, slow and expensive. Coupled with poor customer service from their current supplier it was time to look for a solution that better supported their business. Throw a global pandemic into the mix with remote working and this challenge grows.





Watsons Property


Watsons incumbent on-prem phone system was no longer fit for purpose. Struggling with the demands of a modernised workplace it lacked the ability to provide basic functions above simple calling.






Finding a reliable IT Support supplier who worked with their business, delivering future-proof solutions was key for FHP. It was vital that their supplier could mirror the same levels of service that were at the heart of their business.




TW Metals


TW Metals had previously adopted Microsoft Teams as their communication tool of choice for both internal and external communications. It made sense to bring all these interactions into a single pane of glass.





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TeamsLink is a fully cloud-based solution, so there’s no need for any onsite infrastructure, just make the switch and start calling from your Teams client.

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