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Mitel Software Assurance

By : Jess Jepson / 07 February, 2015 /

Half a dozen reasons for MITEL Software Assurance

Mitel Software Assurance and Support Programme or 'SWAS' as it is known by Mitel resellers, is an essential purchase if you have a Mitel telephone system.

If you have a Mitel maintenance contract its worth checking to see f you've purchased software assurance with it, often its not included. Here's a few good reasons to keep your Mitel telephone system up to date:

  1. Saves Money: Upgrading software can be expensive and as such software assurance is a cost effective way to get access to the latest and greatest features Mitel offer. If you let your system go too out of date then you risk ‘folk-lift’ upgrades in later years which can be particularly expensive.
  1. Longer Shelf Life: Regularly upgrading your software will increase the shelf life of your phone system. Why? As Mitel release new versions they ensure all other platform are supported, for example if Microsoft release a new operating system then Mitel will update their software for compatibility.
  1. Latest Features: New features are released with new software versions allowing you to have all the functionality of a brand new phone system without the expense of upgrading hardware. Your business will inevitably benefit from the latest advances in technology.
  1. Hardware Compatibility: Mitel regularly release new handsets and peripherals. Recent releases have included; full colour LCD display phones, DECT cordless handsets and headsets built into the phones. These new accessories are often only compatible with the latest software releases.
  1. Manufacturer Support: As an approved Mitel Partner, occasionally we have to turn to Mitel for direct manufacturer support. This high level support is only available when the phone system is on the latest software release. If your system doesn’t have software assurance then Mitel will not provide their technical support service which could extend the fault resolution time and cause your business unnecessary disruption.
  1. Preventative Maintenance: You regularly service your car to avoid a trip to the garage and this principal is the same, updating the software on your IP phone system reduces the chance of any future problems. Mitel software releases contains software patches which can prevent faults from occurring.

Buy Mitel Software Assurance

If you choose to take the Mitel Software Assurance through Denwa for your Mitel phone system, we will schedule an engineer to upgrade your system to the latest version.

Are there any discounts if I commit to a longer term?

Mitel Software Assurance is available on a 1, 3, and 5 year contract terms, and as you would expect there are incentives for longer term contracts.

What should I do now? If you would like to receive a quote for Mitel software assurance or would like more details, please contact our Mitel Sales Professionals on 0330 333 7323.

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