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Well, what can we say? The Microsoft Teams rollouts from Ignite look like the most exciting yet and we can't wait to share them with you!

direct case study graphics-03New immersive meetings with Mesh for Microsoft Teams


Mesh for Microsoft Teams introduces a new generation of 2D and 3D meeting experiences with personalised avatars and immersive spaces to bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds.


With your custom avatar, you can feel present in meetings without turning on cameras.


Users can make conversations interactive and express themselves using live reactions through avatars. Organisations now can use immersive spaces that resemble physical spaces, such as conference rooms, design centres and networking lounges to enhance the feeling of community, drive creativity and foster water-cooler connections.


Users can seamlessly leverage their existing documents, presentations, and content from Microsoft 365 and share and collaborate using this content spatially. Mesh enabled experiences in Teams provide users more flexibility and choice in how they connect, create, and collaborate.


These experiences will be available in preview as part of Teams on PC, mobile and through mixed-reality headsets in the first half of 2022. 



direct case study graphics-09New user experience features in Microsoft Teams meetings


Microsoft is bringing new updates to the Teams meeting experience to enhance hybrid meetings. All updates will be available from early 2022.

  • You can now assign roles from the scheduling form, helping your team set expectations before the meeting starts and allowing all participants to feel prepared.

  • Answering questions is made easier with order of raised hands, ensuring no voice goes unheard.

  • Focus on your goals by making use of mute notifications and pin or hide your own video features, designed to help you concentrate better.

  • Microsoft revamping the overflow menu to prioritise key actions like viewing chat. Also adding a notification drawer for in-meeting system messages, so users can preview, collapse and clear all notifications with one tap, improving the experience for mobile users.



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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams




direct case study graphics-10Enhancements to Microsoft Teams Rooms and devices


New updates are coming to Microsoft Teams Rooms and new Teams devices that improve hybrid meeting experiences, allowing everyone to be seen, heard and fully engaged no matter where they join from.

Companion Devices


When joining meetings from your personal account, your video feed and everything you do to engage in the meeting is attributed to you. But if you join a meeting from a shared space that uses a shared account, like a meeting room, it can be challenging to establish an individual presence in the meeting.

Companion devices allow people in the room to use their own account to access the meeting chat, engage in the meeting, use live reactions and raise hand.

If you're using a personal device, when you enter into a Teams Room you will be prompted to join the meeting in companion mode, your video with automatically be turned on and your audio - off, this allows you to be clearly seen by remote participants regardless of where you are in the room. For people who

join in person from a companion device, their video will be hidden from the front of room display as well as the gallery view for other in-person participants to avoid distraction. This also frees up space in the meeting gallery so additional remote participants can be seen clearly.

AI-Enabled Speakers


In early 2022, Sennheiser will join EPOS and Yealink in the intelligent speaker category with an AI-enabled speaker optimized for mid-size Teams Rooms (up to 10 people) and able to provide smart, focused, and inclusive meeting environments through attributed live transcription capabilities.

Meeting Rooms Occupancy

To help ensure your meeting spaces are getting maximum use, Microsoft is enabling a way to “check-in” to a room from a Teams panel. Users can check into the room by tapping the button on the panel or leave it to room occupancy sensors that will soon be able to integrate with Teams panels. If no one checks into the room, it will be released back to the room inventory for others to reserve and use. The check-in button can also be used to send a notification to the front of room display.



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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams



Teams devices improve home office and flexible workspace experiences


Microsoft is continuing to expand the portfolio of Teams displays for building out home offices and flexible workspaces in the office. Upon certification, the Yealink deskVision AIO24 with its large 24-inch display can be used as a standalone device for Teams collaboration or connected to your PC as a second screen, which will allow you to seamlessly multitask and see more content across the displays. This device is expected to be available in early 2022.


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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams



Peripheral devices


Peripherals are a great way to create a natural calling experience. Early next year, native Bluetooth capability will enter preview, allowing you to easily answer calls from your headset and use the Teams button for quick actions like joining a meeting even if your USB dongle is no where to be found. Look for updates on the first headsets to be certified for these features when we exit preview.

The built-in Teams button opens many new ways to stay engaged while on a call. Early next year you’ll be able to use the raise hand feature by holding the Teams button, making it easier for you to jump into the discussion and ensure your voice is heard.



direct case study graphics-02New webinar and broadcasting capabilities


Microsoft is making it even easier to set up and deliver a professional and engaging webinar. New capabilities include:


A virtual green room enables organisers and presenters to socialize, monitor chat and Q&A, manage attendee settings and share content before the event starts. This provides a private space, separate from attendees, to talk live and prep in the pre-live phase. While attendees wait, they are greeted with a welcome screen, and they can use chat to engage or pose questions with the Q&A experience. This feature will be available in preview in early 2022.


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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams



Enable organisers and presenters to manage what attendees see, and easily minimize distractions and keep the audience engaged during an event. This ensures that attendees will only see shared content and participants that are brought on screen. This feature will be available in preview in early 2022.


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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams

Choose which shared content and participants are brought on screen by managing what attendees see during an event.


The co-organiser feature enables you to assign up to 10 co-organisers for webinars and meetings. The co-organiser will have the same capabilities and permissions as the organiser, enabling them to do multiple tasks such as managing meeting options, creating polls, and controlling audio settings.

To assign co-organisers, select meeting options, find ‘choose co-organiser', and specify which participants from the meeting invite should be designated as a co-organiser. 


The new Q&A experience enables more structure for both open and moderated meetings and webinars. Organisers and presenters can mark best answers, filter responses, moderate and dismiss questions, and pin posts such as a welcome message. To enable Q&A, simply add the app during the scheduling process, by selecting the ‘+’ to add a tab in the invite and adding Q&A. The Q&A experience for webinars and meetings will be available in public preview in November.

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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams



Broadcasters will be able to create high quality, clean audio mix with our new isolated audio feed capabilities in Microsoft Teams. As broadcasters use NDI or hardware-out, they will be able to get the isolated audio feed along with the isolated video feed from any Teams meeting. Now with isolated audio, broadcasters will have full control of both the audio and video feeds going into their studio. This capability is enabled within the meeting settings. This feature will be available in preview in November.



direct case study graphics-02Shared Channels and Chat with Teams


Microsoft Teams offers secure solutions to collaborate with external parties, and with Teams Connect we are making it even easier to work with anyone outside your organisation, while giving system admins a range of controls and tools to ensure security. Teams Connect will be in public preview in the first quarter of 2022.


Shared channels are a scalable boundaryless experience, which can be shared with individuals and teams across multiple organisations. With the new enhancements coming to the private preview, you will be able to schedule a meeting, collaborate in real-time on apps, and share channels with up to 50 teams and as many organisations, as you need. Available in public preview in the first quarter of 2022.



Teams will enable you to chat with team members with a Teams personal account who are outside your organisation. You can invite any Teams user to chat using a personal email address or phone number and remain within the security and compliance policies of your organisation. Available by the end of 2021.




direct case study graphics-01New chat, people and presence features


The hybrid workplace brings a lot of flexibility, but it can also create new challenges, like getting your personality to shine in the virtual environment, maintaining work-life balance, and being productive. These new asynchronous capabilities will be rolling out between now and early 2022.


Chat with self is a safe place for writing drafts, such as quick ideas and reminders on mobile – helping you stay organised and avoid sending incomplete messages accidentally.

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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams



Chat density feature lets you customise the number of chat messages you see on the screen with different settings.

Compact setting lets you minimise the need to scroll up and down by fitting 50% more messages on the screen. Comfortable setting keeps the chat display as it is in Teams today.



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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams



To help you express yourself more authentically, you can add reactions to messages from over 800 new 3D emojis, up from six currently available.



Delay delivery of messages enables you to select a specific time to send a message. Like delay delivery in outlook, you will be able to send out chat messages at a time that is convenient to you, and the message will arrive at its destination at the time you scheduled.


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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams



We often work in distributed teams. To help you with scheduling messages, quickly check your colleague’s time zone, right from their contact card, enabling you to time your messages to get faster responses, while being considerate of your colleagues’ schedule.

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Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams



Stay on top of your information using the new search results UI in Teams. Filter results and toggle between tabs to find the information you need.





 “Probably the biggest thing you'll notice is that any calls and meetings will pop out in their own window.

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