Keeping your customers happy is your number one priority, but your agents need to be productive and efficient to achieve this. In a remote working world, how do we achieve this?


Flawless IVR and speech recognition. Automated intelligent call routing. Integrated screen pops that deliver the right data to your customer service reps along with the call. Intelligent outbound dialing. Blended contact functionality for seamless toggling between inbound and outbound calling as well as omni-channel capabilities. Call recording and workforce management. Integrated training, coaching, and supervisory monitoring options. And complete CRM integration.


All things that make for a perfect customer service experience. But if you're not in the office as the pandemic has forced you to work remotely, how can you achieve the expected levels of customer service remotely?


This is where a cloud contact centre comes into its own. With no on-premise restraints, your free to work remotely as effectively as you would from your office. Meaning no drop in service level for your customers.


direct case study graphics-03The Restraints of On-Premise


In an on-premise contact centre, these demands take a toll on budgets and the IT resources needed to acquire and maintain the infrastructure, along with the physical resources to keep it all working together. And not surprisingly, the more contact centre locations you have, the greater the complications, a particular challenge for large businesses.


Receiving consolidated reports across centres, for example, can be a real nightmare when technology stacks differ even slightly—a highly probable scenario given that each site deploys upgrades and new equipment on its

own schedule. In a call centre there may be several different systems in use, a CRM, Email system, Billing system and more, often all split across different departments. Trying to consolidate customer data from all these different avenues can cause a real headache. The consolidation capabilities of a cloud based contact centre solution, alleviates this problem.


The pandemic highlighted exactly how being solely on-prem is not an effective disaster recovery strategy and left many contact centres floundering as they struggled to find a solution to a particularly big challenge.



direct case study graphics-08Reducing Costs


With a cloud contact centre, your service team isn't constrained by the same hardware and software available at a specific location, unlike a traditional on-premise contact centre.


Instead, agents, supervisors, and administrators simply need access to a web browser to deliver consistent, state-of-the-art customer service. The cloud service provider, not you, takes care of all the phone lines, software and hardware upgrades, security, and backups. Scalability benefits of this are huge, with changes only requiring a phone call and changes are almost instantaneous.


The reduction in hardware and its physical footprint, alongside a reduction in the maintenance and management costs associated with them is one of the most significant advantages that a cloud based contact centre has over on-premise.



direct case study graphics-04Why Hybrid Solutions Are Inadequate


You don’t want to defeat the purpose of moving to the cloud by choosing a service provider that offers only a hosted version of premise-based software. This could leave you still in need of on-premise session border controllers, gateways, and other equipment.


Likewise, moving to an IP-based contact centre won’t deliver full cloud advantages, because you’ll still need to build out and maintain a large data centre and IP network.


For a true cloud contact centre, look for a service provider that leverages cloud ecosystems, bundles telephony with its service, and grants access to agents via a standard web browser.



direct case study graphics-09Expand Your Business


The scalability cloud offers is one of the biggest advantages to any business. Quite simply, it makes it easy for your business to grow.


The ability to consolidate all of your business processes in to one centralised hub free's up your teams in order to spend more time engaging with new customers and fostering relationships with existing ones. 



Why Wavenet?


Your business is unique. You face unique problems which require unique fixes.

As an integral part of an organisation you need Contact Centre solutions that combine disciplines, streamline services and enable your business to be brilliant.


Wavenet simplifies call centre operations using technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure, deploying them reliably across multiple locations. From entry level applications, to multi-agent, multi-media cloud-based solutions, we can help.


Wavenet partners with best in breed solutions providers, Mitel, Five9 and Cisco to deliver the future of Cloud Contact Centres.


Whether you have a small contact centre with a few agents or a large, multisite centre in need of multimedia capabilities, Wavenet can provide you with a contact centre solution helping you help streamline business operations and boost customer satisfaction.



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