If you're still using a legacy-based or on-premise system you are missing out.


The cloud has many benefits, from easy scalability to reducing the need for external I.T support. If your business is still being shackled by the restraints of a legacy system it's time to consider moving to the cloud.


Reliability Icon UCCustomer-Centric


Cloud can provide a more customer-centric approach. The adoption of a cloud-based contact centre solution allows customers a choice of how they want to communicate with the business. Whether this is by phone, web chat email or even social media.


Whilst on a traditional legacy system this would create an administrative nightmare, a cloud-based contact centre solution gives agents a unified view of all previous interactions with the customer. This improves agent efficiency and overall job satisfaction but can all have a dramatic impact on customer experience.


In an increasingly competitive world moving to the cloud allows organisations to deliver an outstanding customer experience.


Contact Centre agentAgent Roles


Cloud allows the contact centre to virtually relocate and redistribute agents in the event of a crisis. Allowing the business react quickly to spikes in call volumes and customer engagement activity across all channels; switching agents from one role to another to ensure service levels are met.


In the scenario of a bank dealing with a potential crisis of a password breach and the ensuing customer dissatisfaction, a cloud-based solution will allow you to quickly draft in staff from other areas of the business to help deal with inbound calls.




With an on-premise system, the ability to scale is costly and time-consuming. A cloud-based solution frees you from the limitation and gives you endless scalability.


Whether you need to scale due to market demand e.g. a gift company at peak times of the year such as Christmas, or whether your business is continuing to expand, the cloud allows you to scale where you need to, instantly and only pay for what you use.



WinnerLatest and Greatest


Cloud-based solutions mean your software is automatically maintained as part of your annual licence, meaning you always have access to the newest version of the technology you use.


In a traditional IT infrastructure, the application of new software updates is via manual loading from the IT team. This may mean disruption to service and that your team do not always have access to the latest and greatest version available, this can be a disadvantage when it comes to delivering a great customer experience.



Admin CustomiseAdministration and Customisation 


The cloud has an inherent flexibility to all business operations. This means satellite offices can both control and manage their own locations whilst sharing the technology and platform across the whole business, whilst still benefiting from centralised management.


This is of huge benefit to geographically distributed contact centres that still want to retain control over customisation and administration to meet the needs of their operation.




Customers no longer wish to communicate via one means and gone are the days of providing a dedicated customer service number and expecting your customer to use it. Today customers chose to communicate with businesses in several ways, from social media to email and WhatsApp.


With a cloud-based solution, the communication channel is irrelevant, with the utilisation of skill-based routing in queues, regardless of which channel the customer is using. All queries are delivered to the agent in the same place, notifying the agent of the communication source, allowing advisors to easily to switch from one channel to another and quickly react to variations in contact volume.



SecurityDisaster Recovery


The cloud is always a great solution when it comes to disaster recovery. A business that suffers a natural disaster such as flooding, a location problem such as structural damage, can simply login remotely or move their operations to an alternative location and be up and running again easily.


Equally, if your cloud provider experiences problems their end they can easily switch to an alternative data centre. Cloud experiences uptime of over 99.99%.



Cloude Centre Service Independence


Cloud Contact Centres are independent of software, hardware and advisor location. Traditional on-premise systems are limited by the number of physical lines into a building and the number of agents available to answer those calls, with cloud, smart call routing holds customers in a queue in the cloud and then routes them to the first advisor available.


Flexibility is also improved via location independence, allowing employers recruitment opportunities from a wider talent pool based on required skills rather than limited to a geographic location. This also opens up the ability for employees to work effectively from home with the same access as those based in the office.



IntegrationEasier Integration of New Technology


The ability to automate business processes and integrate with other critical solutions such as CRM, ERM and other databases means increased efficiency, another reason for companies to switch to cloud-based solutions. 


This is because agents do not have to switch between applications to be presented with the right information, ultimately leading to a bottom-line improvement.





The financial benefits of a Cloud Contact Centre are numerous. The biggest savings arise because the core infrastructure - network equipment, servers, internet services and telephone lines - are provided and managed by the supplier. Therefore the start-up time and cost is reduced with tangible business results seen faster.


Cloud is also simple to remotely deploy as long as there is an internet connection, so therefore working from home can easily be adopted. And with the addition of performance management tools and real-time analytics managers can monitor and adjust operations at any time of the day from any device.




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