An Eventful Month


September has been a busy month for Microsoft Teams, with new featured and addressing customer feedback to performance and continuing to make improvements to Teams.

Teams Performance Updates


Improvements to Teams Performance


With more and more organisations of all sizes reliant on Teams to keep their teams connected, Microsoft have kept a close eye on users evolving needs.


Offline support in desktop


Many users across the globe experience poor network connectivity. In March Microsoft launched the ability to  run the desktop client with limited bandwidth or without a network connection via caching of data and code. Microsoft now adapts a local fetch approach which has led to better launch times and is now working on allowing users to author messages even when offline, which will automatically be sent when a network connection is established.


Improved desktop launch time


As most of us start our working day using Teams, Microsoft is looking to make the launch time even quicker by deferring non-essentials operations until after launch, optimising code and delivery flows and service side optimisation. In testing this result in a 30% decrease in launch time.


Video rendering optimisation in desktop


Videos are a huge part of communication through Teams, but they also require a huge amount of processing power. Microsoft are addressing this demand on CPUs and GPUs by reducing animations, blending layers and simplifying the process. Changes to video rendering will also be made, all helping to provide the same high quality service without the strain on hardware.


Battery optimisation in iOS


For many frontline workers, staying connected through Teams on a mobile advice is essential as they cannot access a desktop. Microsoft have recently moved a significant amount of the background processes to the cloud, improving battery consumption by 40%.


Low bandwidth optimisations for Android


Microsoft has reduced message sync latencies, increased messaging reliability and optimised database access patterns to improve the Android experience for users. Improvements to network detection and intelligent file upload have also been made available in the latest version of the Teams app for Android.


Meeting and Calling


Large Gallery view - up to 49 participants


Large Gallery view gives a 7x7 view of up to 49 participants. Rolled out alongside the new multi-window experience. To take advantage of large gallery view simply turn on multi-window meeting experiences.




Together Mode


Using AI segmentation technology in meetings to digitally place participants in shared spaces, creating the feeling of sitting in the same meeting space.

Extra Together mode scenes will be coming later this year.



New Teams meeting pre-join experience


Pre-join meeting experiences now allow you to configure your audio, video and devices before joining a meeting.


Reverse Number Lookup Enhancements


The newest updates to Reverse Number Lookup now mean that the caller name will also show up in your activity feed, voicemail and call history.


Safe Transfer


Allowing you to transfer a call between Skype for Business and Teams with confidence. If the call is unanswered it will ring back to you so the call isn't lost. You must be a Teams user to transfer a call and the recipient must be either a Teams or Skype for Business user in the same tenant or in a federated tenant.


Chat and Collaboration


Reflect messaging extension


Organisations now have a simple way to check in with how their team are feeling, whether in general or a specific topic. Installation of the Reflect extension is available for IT administrators to install and make available to their users.


Microsoft Lists in Teams


A great way of helping users keep track of information, organise work and manage tasks. Lists are smart, simple and flexible allowing you to focus on what matters most. Lists can be created directly in Teams as a channel tab.


lists in teams1.png


Microsoft Whiteboard Updates


Integrated within every Teams meeting Microsoft Whiteboard allows meeting participants to contribute with digital ink, via their touch or mouse. You can also add sticky notes and text to a canvas making it easier to contribute if you're using a device without a digital pen.


Customisable Praise Badges


Praise can help improve job satisfaction and improve workplace culture. New customisable badges help you reflect job roles and specific areas of praise








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