An exciting month from Microsoft Teams with some eagerly anticipated roll outs, read on for our roundup.


What’s New: Meetings

AI-based noise suppression

Real-time AI noise suppression feature automatically removes unwelcome background noise during your meetings. The AI-based noise suppression analyses your audio feed filtering out the noise and retaining only the speech signal. You can also control how much noise suppression you want, including a high setting to suppress more background noise. No more annoying dogs barking or doorbells, keeping the focus firmly on you.


New Together mode scene selection


Together mode helps you feel together even when you're apart. Microsoft have introduced new scene selections to transport your team to a variety of settings, helping you set the tone and create a unique meeting experience. From coffee shops to conference rooms and amphitheaters there's plenty to choose from.




Polls in Teams Meetings


Conduct more engaging and productive meetings with Polls in Teams, a seamless experience powered by Forms. As a meeting organiser or presenter you have the option to prepare, launch and evaluate polls at any point during the meeting. Attendees can easily view and respond to polls in the chat pane.



Full screen support in new meetings experience

Microsoft heard you, full screen mode is back! Full screen mode on Windows allows the whole meeting window to fill up the  screen, removing all other screen elements, including the title bar on the top and task bar on the bottom. On Mac OS, full screen mode maximizes the meeting window and the title bar is hidden. 




Start an instant meeting from your mobile device

You'll now find the familiar Meet Now icon on the calendar tab and in the Teams channel helping you connect with your team instantly. Once you start your meeting, you can use any messaging app on your mobile device to share the invite or add participants directly to the meeting, and anyone in the Teams channel can join without an invite.




InstantMeetingMobile (1).png


Updated layout for meetings on iOS 


Microsoft has improved the Teams experience for users on iOS devices with a brand new presentation mode giving you the ability to see more participants, easily see shared content and a spotlight participant all at the same time.



Meetings on iOS.png



What’s New: Chat & Collaboration


Pinned Posts


Pinned posts keep all the most important information right where you can see it. You can pin any message in a channel, making it appear in the channel information pane for all channel members to see. Perfect for important information or reminders.


Pinned Post.png


More options to use polls, surveys & checklists in Teams

Easily gather information or keep track of things in chat and channels with new app templates for polls, surveys, and checklists in Teams. Once installed and configured by the Teams administrators, these messaging extensions provide a simple and intuitive experience for users across all platforms without the need to use 3rd party apps.



Easily create surveys to gather feedback to improve your processes.


Collaborate with your team and keep things on track by creating a shared checklist.



Set presence status duration


If you need to get work done the ability to change your presence will be a great help. You can now manage your presence status and set it for a specific time period, helping you focus more and collaborate better.

Android On-Demand Chat Translation


Just one click and people of all languages can communicate simply with one another by chat translation, available in one on one chat and channels. Inline message translation facilitates global collaboration and ensures no one is missed out.








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