August's New Rollouts Announced


It's been a busy month for Microsoft Teams with some exciting new rollouts. Here's our recap of all the new features you can look forward to this week.

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Find a meeting recording based on what was said with Microsoft Search

You can now find meeting recordings in Microsoft Search based on the meeting transcript. This feature is available to all users by default and makes it easier to find videos in Microsoft 365. You can access this feature through the search bar in Teams you use to find other file types.

Lock a meeting from additional joins

Organisers can now choose to lock their meetings to prevent subsequent join attempts after the meeting has started.

Anyone attempting to join a locked meeting from any device is informed with a message that they are not able to join as the meeting is locked. This helps avoid distractions from late joiners during the meeting.

You can find this feature under More actions in the Participant pane and is currently available in the Desktop app only.


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What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021


Slide translate in PowerPoint Live in Teams


Make your slides more inclusive with slide translate in PowerPoint Live in Teams.

This private setting allows you to see a personalised view of the slide where text is translated in your chosen language.

Now you can better understand the presented content privately. This feature supports 19 languages with more to come. 


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What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021


Teams Meetings Auto Recording

Meeting organisers are now able to set a single meeting occurrence or series to auto-record by enabling the “Record automatically” setting from Meeting Options.

The meeting automatically starts recording once the first participant from the same organisation joins the meeting.

Recording is saved to the initiator’s OneDrive (privately scheduled meetings) or SharePoint (channel meetings). This feature is available on Desktop and Mobile and not available to an A1 user.


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What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021


Paging on Video Gallery

When you are in gallery view mode, and there are more videos than what can be shown at once on the meeting stage, navigation controls < and > now appears below the Video Gallery. You can use these controls to view more video participants.

The maximum number of videos on the meeting stage can vary depending on your device configuration and internet bandwidth.

Paging is available in Large Gallery with Gallery (3x3) coming soon. 


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What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021


Organisation-wide background

You can now tailor your Teams meetings background to your organisation.

To enable this feature, simply upload images in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center under Meeting policies and they are available to all your users.

You can add up to 50 images. Organisation-wide backgrounds are now temporarily available and will require an Advanced Communications license when it becomes generally available by the end of the year. 


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What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021


End-user Real-time telemetry for meetings

Call health panel provides Teams end-users functionality that helps identify issues during a Teams meeting or a VOIP call.

This empowers your users with diagnostics to investigate audio, video, content sharing or network related issues. The real-time metrics are updated every 15 seconds, providing the ability to trace issues as they occur. Access Call Health now under More actions. 


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What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021


Related Content for Teams Meetings for mobile

Related Content makes meetings more effective by providing you with important information from your mailboxes, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint sites. This helps you prepare before meetings by offering content you haven’t had a chance to read or may want to revisit. You can find this content on the Meeting Details page.


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What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021


Hard audio mute includes PSTN attendees in meetings

Meeting presenters and organisers can now prevent PSTN participants from unmuting during the meeting and enable specific attendees to unmute when they raise their hand.

The PSTN participant can request to speak by raising their hand in a meeting via dial-pad command (press *5). This can be helpful for press conferences and classroom scenarios where you want to be in control of who is speaking.

Support for Human Interface Devices on Windows Virtual Desktop

This feature enables Human Interface Devices (HID) for Teams on Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). Now you can connect external devices like a headset or mouse to interact in Teams on the Windows Virtual Desktop platform.

For example, if you have a mute or unmute button on your headset, the controls are now recognised when using it in a Teams meeting in WVD.


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Transfer Calls between desktop and mobile

Teams makes it easy to place and receive calls from several different endpoints, including desktop and mobile devices, but sometimes you need to move locations or devices to finish your call.

The new endpoint transfer capability allows you to seamlessly move your calls between different devices, such as from your laptop to your mobile phone, without any interruption in call service or quality. 


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What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021


Speed Dial for mobile

Calling users on mobile devices can now access their Speed Dial contacts that were available on Mac, Windows and Teams devices. You can also add or remove speed dial contacts.

This feature gives mobile users one-tap access to reach their most important contacts.


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Expanded emoji picker

Bring your whole self to the conversation with more than 800 emojis. Have more fun and better express yourself with the large variety of emojis.

Select a category and easily find the emoji you need and use the skin tone selector to pick an emoji that better represent you. Quickly add emojis directly when composing a chat, use the shortcode picker to add emojis using text.


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What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021


Immersive reader support for Mobile

Immersive Reader, which uses proven customisation techniques to support reading across ages and abilities, is coming to Teams iOS and Android apps.

You can now hear posts and chat messages read aloud using Immersive Reader on the Teams mobile apps. This functionality was previously available only on the web and desktop apps.

Inline Message Translation in channels for Android and iOS

Inline message translation in Channels lets you translate Channel posts and replies into your preferred language. To translate a message, press-and-hold the channel post or reply and then select “Translate”. The post/reply will be translated to your UI language by default. If you want to change the translation language, go to Settings > General > Translation.

Headspace integration with Microsoft Viva Insights

A curated set of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises from Headspace are now available in the Viva insights app in Teams to help you start your day grounded, relax your mind before a big presentation, or disconnect from work in the evening.








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