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Learn how to schedule calls and meetings from Microsoft Teams or mobile app.


Schedule a meeting


There are a few different ways to schedule a meeting in Teams:


  • Select Schedule a meeting Schedule a meeting button in a chat to book a meeting with the people or person you are chatting to.

  • Go to Calendar Meetings button on the left side of the app and select New meeting in the top right corner.

  • Select a range of time in the calendar. A scheduling form will pop open.

The scheduling form is where you'll give your meeting a title, invite people, and add meeting details. Use the Scheduling Assistant to find a time that works for everyone.


Scheduling Assistant tab in the Teams new meeting scheduling form.  


Once you're done filling out the details, select Save. This will close the scheduling form and send an invite to everyone's Outlook inbox.


Invite people outside your organisation 


Teams lets you invite people outside your organisation, including those who don't have a Teams license. You'll need their full email address to invite them.


  1. Go to where it says Add required attendees. If anyone is an optional attendee, select Optional instead.

  2. Type the person's full email address e.g. 

  3. Select Invite. They'll receive an email with a link to the meeting which will allow them to join.


Make it a channel meeting


  1. Select New meeting.

  2. Type the name of a channel where it says Add channel (under the time and date fields).

  Add channel to a Teams meeting.


Channels can't be edited or added once the invite is sent. You'll need to send a new invite with the updated channel.


  • When you have a meeting in a channel, everyone in the team will be able to see it and join it in that channel.

  • This feature isn't available in private channels.

Once you've added the people you want, select Scheduling Assistant to find the best time.

If it's a recurring meeting, open the dropdown menu next to Does not repeat (just below the date). Choose how often you want it to occur from the default options, or select Custom to create your own cadence.


Change the calendar view


By default, you'll be shown your work week and can be changed from the dropdown menu at the top right of your calendar. Here are your current view options:

  • Day gives you an agenda view focused on one day at a time.

  • Work week shows you Monday through Friday.

  • Week shows you the entire week.

In the top left corner you'll find the month and year. Select the month to change your calendar view to any date— past or future. Select the arrows next to the month to scroll by day or week depending on your calendar view.

Select Today to get back to the current date.

Note: The calendar shows you everything that was scheduled in Teams, Exchange, or Outlook.


Right-click for more options


Right-click an event in your calendar to show additional actions - RSVP, remove it if it's canceled, or open the invitation to view the meeting details. If the event is a Teams meeting, you'll also get options to Join online and Chat with participants.


Context menu of a calendar event in Teams.  


Teams meetings will show a join button on an event in your calendar five minutes before the start of a meeting. Once someone joins the meeting, the event will change colors to let you know they're online.

Select Join to open the meeting settings window to confirm your preferred camera and mic settings before joining the online meeting.


Scheduling a meeting from the Teams Mobile app


Scheduling meetings in your mobile app is just as simple and perfect for when you're on the go.


To schedule a meeting, go to Calendar Meetings button , then select Schedule a meeting Schedule a meeting button .

Go to Add participants Add people to team button and select the people you'd like to invite.

Next, go to Share to a channel:

  • If you want have your meeting in a channel, select the appropriate channel.

  • If you’d rather not, skip it.

Note: When you have a meeting in a channel, people will be able to see and join it in that channel.

Then, set start and end times and write a description for the event.

Finally, select Done to schedule your meeting.




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