Mitel is pleased to announce advance product information for Mitel Performance Analytics. Designed to simplify fault and performance management of Mitel business communications solutions, the Mitel Performance Analytics software suite helps administrators manage enterprise deployments with multiple network nodes, while allowing partners to proactively detect and address performance issues on customer networks. Featuring tools such as secure remote access and 24/7 system monitoring, Mitel Performance Analytics is based on the software formerly known as MarWatch, already deployed in more than 2,000 Mitel networks globally.


Mitel Performance Analytics can be deployed on premises or delivered as a service from the cloud, and is available in two tiers:


  • Mitel Performance Analytics - provided at no extra cost as part of Premium Software Assurance
  • Mitel Performance Analytics Plus (replaces Enterprise Manager) - a chargeable uplift that provides incremental capabilities discussed below - Premium Software Assurance coverage is a prerequisite.


Target Market / Opportunity / Positioning


Mitel Performance Analytics is targeted for:


  • Enterprise Customers who wish to proactively monitor and manage their estate of Mitel technology solutions, as well as third-party devices such as switches and routers that make up the network infrastructure. Mitel Performance Analytics Plus will replace Mitel Enterprise Manager over time (see later sections of this Bulletin for further details). Historically, Enterprise Manager was deployed in larger enterprise clients. However, with the revised pricing, Mitel Performance Analytics is now accessible to customers with smaller deployments, who value the capabilities it delivers.
  • Mitel Partners - Mitel Performance Analytics is a proven solution that helps partners deliver superior customer service and win business. In fact, partners using MPA can often address faults before the customer is even aware of them.



Product Overview / Features & Benefits / Description


Delivered from a modern, fresh web-based interface, Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) provides the following capabilities:




Secure remote access eliminates disruptive and costly on-site repairs. Accessing network devices from any location, IT staff can easily and cost-effectively troubleshoot network issues. For added convenience and cost savings, the solution provides an on-demand remote connection to a LAN without the need for a VPN. Additionally, using Single Sign On, administrators can reach directly into individual network nodes if need be.









Managing performance of Mitel business communication solutions starts with monitoring. Mitel Performance Analytics monitors Mitel and third-party devices (routers, switches, etc.) around the clock, delivering timely and actionable performance data. Mitel Performance Analytics remotely monitors, tracks, and analyzes the status of public and private components of the network in real-time, leaving no gaps in performance monitoring.


Performance metrics monitored by MPA include voice quality, trunk utilisation, IP set connectivity and IP CoS.










MPA provides IT managers with a comprehensive view of their estate, as well as up to date information on licenses available for use across the network. To simplify configuration, devices can be auto discovered using SNMP. Mitel Performance Analytics provides detailed data on monitored devices, including MiVoice Business Users, IP sets, licenses and services, and Mitel Border Gateway Teleworker SIP sets and licenses.








Alerts that warn of impending network issues in real-time help telecom professionals to reduce the problem-to-resolution period and avoid downtime. MPA delivers a comprehensive set of customisable performance, status and system alarms, displayed on the dashboard, and sent via email, SMS or Twitter DM.


There are three categories of alarms: device alarms, threshold alarms, and system alarms.


  • DEVICE ALARMS - Device alarms are generated and reported by the devices and applications that are being monitored by MPA. MPA receives the alarm information from the device or application and presents it in the dashboard to identify the device, alarm severity, on time and alarm details, as available.





  • THRESHOLD ALARMS - MPA monitors certain performance parameters in monitored devices and applications and is configured to generate alarms when thresholds are exceeded. Examples include voice quality and IP set connectivity.
  • SYSTEM ALARMS - MPA generates alarms to indicate service problems such as reachability/availability and interface availability. Some examples are “Incorrect Credentials to access a Device”, and “Device SNMP or ICMP Unreachable”.





Scheduled or on-demand reports provide a wealth of device and network level performance data, delivering assurance for Service Level Agreements (SLA). Reports also assist with planning and load balancing, improving productivity. MPA features two types of reports: Customer Reports, which show performance and availability of customer devices in PDF format delivered by email, and Quick Queries, which provide access to key data such as Top 10 Critical Devices, License Expiry and Audit Log details in .csv format.








To simplify the scheduling of advanced operational tasks for multiple Mitel systems, MPA offers a group Operations Scheduler. The Operations Scheduler can schedule tasks such as backups, SMDR collection, IDS Sync, Hot Desk Logout and Go to Day/Go to Night service for one or many MiVoice Business systems.





MPA supports multi-tenancy, with portals designed for customers, channel partners and service providers. Logins are tailored based on administrative privileges for containers. For example, a Super Admin can access everything in a container, while a regional admin might only be able to monitor and manage devices in a particular sub-container.









The Mitel Performance Analytics dashboard, accessible via a standard web browser, provides a snapshot of critical and time sensitive device and network information at-a-glance. Optimised for viewing on mobile devices (iOS/Android tablets, smartphones), the dashboard improves operational efficiency. It can be tailored to an individual's preference - with those preferences saved for future use. Typically the dashboard would include:


  • A series of containers and sub-containers on the left. Containers can represent items such as geographical locations, functional or organizational groupings, or customer groupings.
  • A series of display panels showing status and performance information, including a map with status icons for quick recognition of problem sites.
  • An alarm summary and display filtering/hiding buttons.





Identifying the source of a problem is among the top challenges faced by IT staff. MPA helps, with tools that help troubleshoot and diagnose performance problems, including Ping, Traceroute, MTR and Iftop. A remote IP set test tool runs IP traceroute directly from IP sets on MiVoice Business to a far end IP address, launched directly from the voice quality dashboard panel.


The capabilities of Mitel Performance Analytics will depend on the commercial level that is purchased:


Service Tier MiVoice Business MBG MiCollab
MPA (provided as part of Premium Software Assurance)*1 ·  Remote Access

·  Reachability

·  Server metrics (CPU, memory, disk, i/o)

·  Hardware and software Inventory (RFC1213, License ID, h/w, s/w)

·  MiVoice Business  Alarms

·  MiVoice Business Licenses

·  Mitel Minet IP set VQ

·  SIP Trunk Utilization

·  Digital Trunk Utilization

·  Active testing tools (Ping, Traceroute, MTR, Iftop)

·  Remote Access

·  Reachability

·  Server metrics (CPU, memory, disk, i/o)

·  Hardware and software Inventory (RFC1213, License ID, h/w, s/w)

·  MBG Alarms

·  MBG Licenses

·  SIP Trunk Group Utilization

·  • Active testing tools (Ping, Traceroute, MTR, Iftop)


·  Remote Access

·  Reachability

·  Server metrics (CPU, memory, disk, i/o)

·  Hardware and software Inventory (RFC1213, License ID, h/w, s/w)

·  MiCollab Alarms

·  Active testing tools (Ping, Traceroute, MTR, Iftop)





MPA Plus ·  Advanced Reporting (System feature)

·  User Inventory (User, Set, Service, License),

·  Backups, SMDR collection with Group scheduling

·  Network moves and deletes (Coming in MPA Release 2.1)

·  Networked BLF programming (Coming in Release 2.1)

·      Third-party device monitoring*2

·  Advanced Reporting (System feature)

·  Teleworker Set Inventory

·  Minet Teleworker VQ

·  SIP Teleworker VQ

·  (MBG 9.2 required)

·  SIP Trunk VQ (this will be delivered as part of the 2.1 release)

·   (MW 5.2, plan)



·  Advanced Reporting (System feature)












* 1 For regions in which Premium Software Assurance is not available, Mitel Performance Analytics licenses can be purchased a la carte.

* 2 MPA Plus includes support for monitoring of third party devices - one third party device is provided per 25 users



Configuration Information


MPA Plus requires that the customer has Premium Software Assurance. As part of purchasing Premium Software Assurance we deliver core MPA capability at no extra cost.


For customers who require MPA Plus there is an additional charge per user. A user is defined as an IP user license on MiVoice Business. Customers with solutions up to 5,000 users are charged per user, above this price is on application. Please contact Anshu Prasad or Sarah Morgan for further details.


Whether MPA is deployed on premises or as a service, the pricing model is similar to the Software Assurance pricing – specifically you buy a “period of coverage” rather than buying a product with a capex price.


For new sales, the quoting tools will be updated to allow quotes of MPA Plus – this will be in the same section as the current Software Assurance pricing. The quoting tool will allow for the entry of the number of users, to calculate the MPA Plus price. This will ensure simplified quoting whether for a newly deployed solution, or a new node with incremental users in an existing network to which the customer wishes to add MPA Plus coverage.


Existing customers who wish to add MPA Plus to their solution will use the same model as is currently used for Software Assurance. Specifically, the partner can request a quote via the AMC. In this method, we will group all of the customer’s MiVoice Business systems together to ensure a co terminus renewal date and line that up with the Software Assurance coverage date.





With Active Software Assurance…

For customers who have Enterprise Manager under active Software Assurance Mitel will provide MPA Plus level coverage at no additional cost to the customer. Note that this does not provide the full Premium Software Assurance coverage (24*7 support) but does include the full MPA & MPA Plus entitlement.

This coverage will run up to the expiry date for the active Software Assurance on Enterprise Manager or to the end of April 2018, whichever is the sooner.


Example 1


  • A customer has Enterprise Manager with active Software Assurance up to 30 Jun 2017.
  • Mitel will provide MPA Plus coverage to the same date.
  • At the end of this term customers wishing to continue with MPA Plus will be required to renew their coverage. In the event of no renewal, the MPA Plus service will be deactivated.


Example 2


  • The customer in example 1 extends their Enterprise Manager Software Assurance to 30 April 2018.
  • MPA Plus coverage will be extended from 30 June 2017 to the end of April 2018.
  • At the end of this term customers wishing to continue with MPA Plus will be required to renew their coverage. In the event of no renewal, the MPA Plus service will be deactivated.


Example 3


  • A customer has Enterprise Manager with active Software Assurance up to 30 Jun 2018.
  • Mitel will provide MPA Plus coverage up to the end of April 2018. If the customer wishes to continue with MPA Plus beyond this date they will be required to renew their coverage. In the event of no renewal, the service will be deactivated.


With no Active software Assurance…

  • If a customer has let their Enterprise Manager Software Assurance lapse we will allow them to renew their coverage in order to benefit from the migration offer outlined above. This would follow standard process and include the re-enlist charge.
  • MPA Plus coverage will only be provided up to the end of April 2018. Any extension beyond that would require the customer to renew their MPA Plus service under standard commercial terms. In the event of no renewal, the service will be deactivated.

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