Microsoft Teams latest feature roll out helps you quickly get up to date when you've joined a meeting late.


We've all been there, that awkward moment where a prior meeting overruns, you've double booked or there's an important knock at the door just as the call starts (ok,ok it's the Amazon delivery guy again!) You don't want to interrupt but the meeting is already in full flow and you need to catch up quickly. Or maybe you've joined with plenty of time but you're struggling to hear the speaker clearly.


This is where live transcription with speaker attribution comes in.

Microsoft now offers live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings for English (US). Live transcription is a written record of the spoken text that occurs during a meeting. Clearly identifying  each speaker, speech is captured automatically in near real time, and is available during and after the meeting.


Live transcriptions in Teams uses a meeting's participant names, invites and attachments to improve accuracy and recognise meeting specific content for each transcript automatically without the need for human involvement. This means your meeting transcripts are private, no one at Microsoft ever see's the content and the models are automatically deleted immediately after the meeting. Microsoft does not store or use the data from improving it's AI services.



direct case study graphics-03How to set up live transcription in Teams meetings



To get started, the tenant admin just needs to turn on the Allow Transcription policy. Then the meeting organiser or a presenter can start transcription.


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Live transcription with speaker attribution now available in Teams meetings for English (US)






Live transcriptions work similar to recording a meeting in terms of privacy. Participants are notified that live transcription is on and have the ability to hide it from their meeting view with just a click. If they choose not be identified, attendees can also turn off speaker attribution in their profile settings.


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Live transcription with speaker attribution now available in Teams meetings for English (US)






After the meeting, the saved transcript is available for reference and download in Teams for desktop and web. Perfect for if you need to create documents or blogs from the content, or for more formal requirements such as monthly meetings.


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Live transcription with speaker attribution now available in Teams meetings for English (US)






The transcript is also immediately available in the meeting event in Teams calendar, as well as through the transcript tile in the chat.


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Live transcription with speaker attribution now available in Teams meetings for English (US)





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Live transcription files are store in the meeting organisers Exchange Online account and only the organiser and tenant admin have the necessary permissions in place to delete it.

Teams meeting recordings that are saved in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint (ODSP) use Teams live transcript to display captions in recordings, so we recommend turning on live transcript to ensure captions are present in post-meeting recordings.



direct case study graphics-02Who can start using live transcriptions?

Live transcription with speaker attribution is available for scheduled Microsoft Teams meetings (in U.S. English) to  public cloud customers with licenses for Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, and Microsoft 365 Business Premium SKUs. Live transcripts for channel and Meet Now meetings will be coming soon.




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