As a Professional or a Business Leader, you’ll likely know that Microsoft Teams is one of the top tools for Unified Comms.


Microsoft Teams leads us in a digitised world, and this comes down to its range of collaborative features; from instant messaging to video conferencing and voice dialling all in one place. Whether using the app or the desktop; businesses can thrive and remain consistently on the go and connected.


MS Teams is part of the technological evolutionary cycle, which has emerged in response to the rise of communication over the Internet. With MS Teams, you gain a fully integrated, multi-channel communications platform. 


?MS Teams Calling With A Hosted PBX or SIP 


It’s easy to provide voice-calling capabilities using Microsoft Teams; even when you are using a Hosted PBX or SIP. Firstly, users will need to ensure that they have Microsoft Teams working properly as part of Office 365. MS Teams allows you the easy configuration of your existing voice lines. As an MS Team user, Wavenet can provide you with both inbound and outbound voice calling capabilities via MS Teams


QuestionsHow does this work?


Direct routing works via providing you with the ability to link your SIP to your MS Teams. You will begin with the use of the SIP trunks and a SBC (Sessions Border Controller). The Session Border Controller can then be directly connected to a phone system and MS Teams. Microsoft Teams ensures to deliver only the best and certified SBCs so that the telephony service is high quality and reliable too. 


MS Teams can provide integration with PBX Users; you can be transitioned to the MS Calling Teams System while remaining with your current hosted PBX. It’s straightforward to connect your hardware via third-party PBXs. When you are moving to Microsoft Teams and looking for voice calling capabilities; you can use the direct routing system to connect to analogue devices.  


Contact Centre agentMicrosoft Teams & Wavenet


Microsoft Teams and Wavenet together, allow businesses to enhance their performance and become further collaborative. With MS Teams, you can use instant messaging, share and collaborate on documents in real-time. Wavenet can also bring the option of external calls to the platform of MS Teams; making the efficiency and experience all the more interesting!


All businesses can benefit from linking each and every aspect of their operation together; from third-party apps to email and messaging. With the integration of your existing telephony platform with your MS Teams environment, this enables the employees to communicate and collaborate even more efficiently. Wavenet is a must-have for those who want to turn the performance up a notch further! With Wavenet you’ll find quality of service and a solution specifically tailored to your business. 


WinnerHow Wavenet Can Help.


Wavenet and Microsoft Teams will give you the power to boost your business into a high-performing, collaborative team and even brings external calling to Teams.


With Microsoft Teams you can share files and collaborate on working documents in real-time and with instant messaging built directly into the platform, you’ll be able to stay in contact with your office no matter where you are. Wavenet can also provide external calling to Microsoft Teams, bringing your experience to the next level.




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Enable external calling from Microsoft Teams with TeamsLink from Wavenet.

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